What to Look for in a Business Analytics Certification

best Agile business analyst courses

As a business analyst, you should always "think outside the box," but what does that mean? To help show our readers how they can think outside of the box when it comes to their career, we have put together this list of some things you should look for in a business analyst certification.

You might be wondering what you should know about Business Analytics Certifications, especially if you already have some technical background. The world of BI is overgrowing and is moving towards real-time reporting, so check out the types of certifications available.

What is a Business Analytics Certification?

To understand what business analytics certification means, let's define the term certification. Certification is a process through which an authoritative third party recognizes an individual or company with expertise in a particular subject/skill.

Business Analytics certifications allow data professionals to demonstrate their knowledge of Business tools and techniques in business intelligence, predictive analytics, data mining, reporting, and more.

Unlike traditional enterprise software certifications (e.g., Oracle or SAP), Business Analytics certifications are vendor-neutral, which means they focus on the BI tools themselves rather than on a particular vendor tool suite.

How to become a successful business analyst?

If you are starting with your career in data analytics, the first thing to do is look at vendor-neutral certifications that can help build your foundation for success.

Business analyst certifications are generally into three separate categories: 

 Professional Certifications: Also referred to as entry-level or foundational credentials, professional-level certification programs provide a broad understanding of reporting and analytics capabilities.

Expert-Level Certifications: Also referred to as mid-level credentials, expert-level certification programs provide a more profound knowledge of Business tools and techniques in predictive analytics, data mining, or survey analysis.

Master-Level Certifications: Also referred to as advanced-level credentials, master-level certification programs focus on providing an even deeper understanding of Business tools and techniques in areas such as data visualization, dashboarding, or a particular industry.

Benefits of Business Analyst certification:
best Agile business analyst courses

  1. A business analyst certification proves that you have the expertise to succeed in the field of data analytics.
  2. It helps you master your tools and techniques, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  3. Certification increases your salary potential (up to 10%) and can help you earn a promotion or find a new job.
  4. It provides a sense of accomplishment and can give you the confidence to offer even better Business solutions for your organization.

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