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Supply chain management and analytics is a rapidly growing field that requires the expertise of both supply chain managers and data analysts. The advanced skill set needed to succeed in this profession means that certification can be an excellent way to build your career and improve your chances for advancement.

In this article, we will explore some of the critical facets of supply chain management and analytics with a focus on certification and how it can help you grow professionally.

What is Supply Chain Management and Analytics?

  • The supply chain is transforming raw materials into a finished product that is delivered to customers.
  • The entire process involves manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and distribution of goods, and necessary information flows within an organization or across companies in the value network (suppliers/customers).
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) includes all activities required for effective planning, execution, and control of global business processes that connect suppliers to manufacturers through logistics providers, whereas Analytics refers to data analysis for decision-making purposes.
  • SCM has evolved over time from traditional hierarchical management structures towards collaborative governance among various stakeholders involved in end-to-end value chains.
  • It involves disintermediation where most transactions take place between trading partners rather than via intermediaries such as banks or wholesalers.
  • Analytics plays a major role in such collaborative governance by providing decision-makers with fact-based insights and analytics to make better-informed decisions for managing global supply chains while considering the complexities involved in the process.

Why Certification Matters?

The ACP offers a wide range of certifications in supply chain management areas to help professionals stay abreast of rapidly changing technologies and enhance their credentials. Both the Supply Chain Management Professional certification program and Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) certification are among popular ones for individuals aspiring to make a career in the analytics field.

At present, there is no specific degree or diploma programs that can provide an individual with the necessary knowledge across diverse business functions involved in the supply chain management process; hence professional certificates issued by global organizations such as APICS play a vital role in invalidating one's skillset.

The CACP/CAP Program provides two certifications -- CSCP Certification helps professionals work on large-scale complex projects involving application design, development, integration, and supply chain planning, execution, collaboration, & optimization solutions.

On the other hand, CAP Certification is designed for individuals with expertise in data management and analytics who can help organizations take advantage of big data and complex algorithms to drive better decision-making.

How to Become Certified in SCM&A?

- Individuals can prepare for these certifications by taking a Supply chain Management course, attending webinars, and reading books/journals on the subject.

- To earn CSCP or CAP Certification, one needs to pass a relevant certification exam based on knowledge of supply chain concepts. There are no prerequisites for this exam; however, having some work experience in a related field will be beneficial.

Build Your Career in Supply Chain Management and Analytics with Imarticus Learning

The Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics offered by Imarticus Learning provides a cutting-edge experience for supply chain aspirants. This 6-months program is uniquely designed by IIT faculty and industry leaders to help you learn. With the ever-increasing trend of e-commerce, the amount of movement of goods has been ever-increasing. There has been a disproportionate jump in the number of jobs for SCM across industries.

Course USPs:

  • Cutting-edge curriculum and certification from e-learning center, IIT Roorkee
  • Experiential learning & impressive project portfolio
  • SCM and analytics – a power couple
  • Learn through real-life industry projects.

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