What should you know about earning a second MBA degree?

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Master of Business Administration, is a very demanding postgraduate curriculum in India and around the world. This management degree serves as a springboard to a myriad of jobs in the corporate sector. Over the previous two decades, the MBA program has grown in popularity in India.

All managerial level jobs across all domains and sectors want an MBA degree, which is why a big number of graduates now pursue an MBA as a career after graduation.

Best online MBA coursesA full-time MBA program normally lasts two years, while several expedited full-time MBA programs last only one year.

This style of fast-paced MBA is prevalent, particularly at non-US business institutions.

The length of part-time and executive MBA programs varies according to how many credits a student enrolls in each academic semester or quarter. Both executive and part-time MBA programs are designed for working individuals who want to continue their education while working full-time.

In India, getting a second MBA is fairly prevalent and a huge chunk of students pursue it as a career after graduation. Experts suggest that when it comes time to hunt for that promotion, industry leap, or new professional adventure, the first MBA may be lacking in postgraduate benefits such as a strong alumni network or brand recognition.

If someone meets this requirement and wants to work for Google in Europe, they will certainly have a more difficult time than someone who graduated from an internationally renowned program.

When do some people want to pursue a second MBA course?

MBA schools in some countries, like India, accept a large number of applicants directly out of college.

When you enter an MBA program with next to no professional experience, you are more likely to succumb to society's expectations to land the ‘most prestigious' job on campus, which is often sifted solely through compensation packages and brand names, rather than what you prefer or what fits your strengths and limitations. Eventually, with time people realize that this is not the right job for them.

  • Some career paths are harmed as a result of a poor employment market, being laid off, a failing business venture, or poor professional choices.
  • There are applicants, particularly from less prestigious MBA programs, who do not have the opportunity to recruit for the top organizations and must settle for whatever remuneration they can receive.
  • Some people want to settle elsewhere and their previous degree is not valid.

When it comes to accepting applicants with an MBA, top business schools have various policies. As a result, before beginning the application process, research the admission policies for second MBA programs at your preferred business schools.

Admission policies at business schools are continually being revised. As a result, before considering a second MBA, establish contact with the admissions office of your preferred business school. All B-Schools do not accept candidates who already have one MBA degree. There are some that accept candidates conditionally and some who accept students despite their having an MBA previously.

When you understand whether your desired business school would approve your application for a second MBA, the second phase is to reflect and determine whether a second MBA is a good fit for your professional goals. In case you lack time for a full-time degree, there are some of the best online MBA courses available on the internet and give you plenty of specializations to choose from.

One must delve deeper and explain why the first MBA did not provide them with the qualifications, abilities, or exposure they required for their professional objective.

In the application, it's critical to explain why one needs the second degree, especially in the descriptive questions. Essay submissions should also include the short-term and long-term goals, as well as what one aspires to learn from the program.


The best online MBA courses will give you a clearer picture of the wants and needs of the corporate sector. MBA online courses help you juggle between your job and academics and might be a very good option for aspiring candidates.

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