What is The Language Used To Make Artificial Intelligence Programs?

A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the next big thing in the science community. Many people are worried about its lousy use; many have raised the fear of Skynet in the actual world through the artificial intelligence programs. Well, dangerous or not, when it comes to being in the league of new technology, big MNCs don't like to fall back.

Having said that it is clear that people who have done big data and machine learning courses are the ones who are getting selected in big MNCs. While learning these courses, the main question that arises is: in which programming language are these Artificial Intelligence programs written? The answer is more than one. Let us list out the big guns of the artificial intelligence industries –

  • Python: Since its discovery, Python has gained significance as a popular programming language. Many artificial intelligence programs are written in this programming language. Python is liked among the personnel working in the artificial intelligence field due to its syntax simplicity and versatility. It is easier to learn than C, C++, Java, etc. It is more dynamic and supports neural networks, which makes it easier to develop NLP solutions in an ideal structure.
  • C++: C++ may be a little bit complex than Python, but it is one of the fastest programming languages out there. As artificial intelligence programs are vast numbers of lines of codes, the fast processing speed of C++ gives it an edge over the others. C++ allows the use of humongous algorithms while presenting statistical data. C++ is considered to one of the most suitable programming languages to learn for writing artificial intelligence programs.Investment Banking
  • Java: Java is popular among the programmers because of its ability to be a multi-paradigm programming language. The two main principles followed by Java are object-oriented programming and WORA principle. WORA or Written Once Read/Run Anywhere makes it possible to run Java programs over any system without recompiling it. It is best suited for Neural network and heavy-weight artificial intelligence programs.
  • LISP: LISP is not only a single programming language, but it is a family of programming language. It belongs to the category of the oldest programming languages in the market after FORTRAN. Although old LISP has evolved as the time passed to become one of the most influential programming languages used in artificial intelligence programs, it is favored0 in the account of the freedom it offers to the developers. LISP possesses an exceptional macro system which eases the work of implementation and investigation of specific intellectual intelligence programs.
  • PROLOG: PROLOG is the next oldest programming language in this list. It earned this position due to its underlying mechanisms which come in handy for various artificial intelligence programs. For example, PROLOG's basic mechanisms include pattern matching, tree-based data structuring, automatic backtracking which are crucial for artificial intelligence programs.
  • Its mechanisms enable a flexible framework which is liked by the programmers. It is also known as a rule-based declarative programming language as its processing is done based on specific rules and elements which lay the very ground of artificial intelligence programs. PROLOG is one of the primary programming languages for artificial intelligence programs. It is used in some artificial intelligence enabled medical systems also.

So these were the first programming languages used in the industry to write artificial intelligence programs. These languages can be learned from various big data and machine learning courses. Organizations like Imarticus Learning are doing an excellent job in equipping people with the knowledge of these programming languages by their A-listed courses.

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