Top 7 Reasons to Convince You To Take on that Data Analytics Job


It’s more than just a buzzword, it’s a revolution– data analytics is here and here to stay. For four years in a row, data analytics was ranked the best job in the U.S. alone by Glassdoor in 2019. The data fever is catching on in other parts of the world too, as global economies become more interdependent and related.

More and more companies and industries are embracing data analytics, not least because it’s a science that delivers valuable insights applicable across all plans including business and marketing.

If you’re still hesitating about whether to go for a career in data analytics, allow these top 7 reasons to convince you:

#1: It’s in demand

Data analytics is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world today. This is because all industries need data-driven insights to make even changes, be it to pick a marketing option during A/B testing or rolling out new products. Data analytics is a high-skills, high-stakes job, which is why companies are ready to hire those willing to think creatively and derive data-based solutions to business problems.

#2: It’s easy to start

Educational institutions and course providers have sat up and taken notice of the demand for data analysts, leading them to introduce related training courses. Regardless of whether you’re a fresher or a professional in the tech field, data analytics training can help you start from scratch and build a portfolio of projects to showcase your skills These courses also provide tutorials in essential data analytics software such as Hadoop, Sisense and IBM Watson.

#3: There are plenty of job roles

Within the data analytics field, there are job roles that span academic divisions and aren’t restricted to engineering or software alone. Data scientists, systems analysts and data engineers will benefit from a background in the aforementioned academic fields. However, statisticians and digital marketing executives can look into roles such as quantitative analysts, data analytics consultants and digital marketing managers to put their skills to good use.

#4: The pay is good

The average salary in the data analytics field is US$122,000– a testament to how in-demand the profession is and how in dire need companies are of skilled employees. The figures vary depending on the role and job description but suffice to say that the pay is often much better than other technical jobs that people still seem to hover to by default. It’s also dependent on what industry you will work for, in what capacity and towards which goals.

#5: Growth opportunities abound

Technology is a dynamic field and with new changes come the chance to upskill, pick up new software and contribute to futuristic projects. Data analytics professionals can find themselves growing through roles and projects, oftentimes being tasked to lead a team or be the sole owner of a large-scale project.

#6: Industries are interwoven

With other tech fields, you might be restricted in your tasks or limited to a company. In data analytics, however, you get to pick and choose the fields you want, whether pure tech or even retail. Data analytics is in use across most industries so, once you find your niche, you’re ready to start dabbling in the industry of your choice.

#7: Influences decision-making

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the larger organizational or business structure and contribute positively, chances are data analytics might be the niche for you. The insights that emerge from analyses of data can power strategies and create new business plans. This way, your contribution leads to progress on an organizational scale and your work can make or break a business.

Data analytics gives you the opportunity to become a more active stakeholder and contributor to any business regardless of the industry, so take the leap today.

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