What is the Difference Between a Business Analyst and Project Manager

Business Analyst

Workspaces have evolved dynamically. This has led to the creation of different job roles and functions across industries. Different key roles have come into the picture in recent times. These roles have strategic importance in the functioning of organisations of all kinds. Also, in most cases, these new roles have now become pivotal points around which the stakeholders of a company revolve.

Project managers and business analysts are now seeing the light in different corporations. They handle some of the most important functions within and outside the organisation.

Let’s know more about their roles and responsibilities.

Who is a Business Analyst?

Business Analysts analyse and evaluate huge sets of data to come to different conclusions which can later be transformed into a business decision. A business analyst has good control over data and knows how to extract important information from a pile of Data. A Business Analyst works with the organisation and drives the changes the company goes through. These people are analytical and are good with numbers.

Role of a Business Analyst

Mentioned below are some of the roles of a Business Analyst:

  1.  Tries to understand the needs of different departments and stakeholders and serve them with what they require
  2. Uses various data modelling and handling techniques to crunch data and come with important data points
  3. Forecasts and manages risks which arise during the normal course of business.
  4. Recommend business solutions to the top management to improve the processes and outputs
  5. Formulation and implementation of strategic plans to drive growth and revenues of a company.

You can take up a business analyst course to train yourself and become a better business analyst.

Who is a Project Manager?

The job of a project manager is quite interesting. He is in charge of the different work projects which are taken up by any company. He leads an entire project and manages everything that is required to make a project successful. These activities include Planning, Strategizing, Execution, etc.

Project managers also have to become good leaders as they handle an entire team. He must also know about project management as it is an elaborate task. A good project manager should have the willingness to use innovative techniques while handling different projects.

Role of a project manager

A project manager performs the activities listed below:

  1. Guide his team throughout the different phases of project management
  2. Set up expectations and goals to be achieved by a particular project and work towards achieving those goals.
  3. Track the entire project lifecycle
  4. Develop a plan to manage the entire project
  5. Ensures the completion of a particular project within the given time frame

The difference between a Business Analyst and a Project Manager?

Though the two roles sound similar they have a huge difference when it comes to their role in the organisation. A business analyst course will help you understand how business analysts are different than project managers. A project manager takes care of a particular project.

He is responsible for running that project. He has to formulate a strategy and develop processes for the completion of the project. On the other hand, the Business Analysts analyzes different data sets to come to different conclusions. His job is to analyse different trends and draw out conclusions from these observations.

Both of these roles are very different. A project manager takes up a managerial role and manages all the aspects of the project whereas a business analyst has an analytical role where he deals with all kinds of data related to the company.

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