What is the Best Programming Language For Artificial Intelligence Projects?

Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic of the last couple of years and is all set to be the science of the future. It has already opened up a realm of possibilities for humans, and by taking advantage of a machine and deep learning, it is no doubt going to play a huge role in the future of humanity. You can do almost anything with this technology – even build apps which can hear, see and react accordingly.

A lot of newcomers are beginning to get into programming for AI, considering how important it is turning out to be. However, with the plethora of options available, it can be difficult to choose a particular language for programming. Let us consider the many languages which are currently being used for AI development.

Currently rising in popularity, it is one of the main languages which come up in how to learn machine learning. Being extremely simple to use and learn, it is preferred by many beginners. Compared to other languages like C and Java, it takes extremely less time for implementation.

Another advantage is that with Python, you can opt for procedural, objective oriented or functional style of programming. There are also a lot of libraries which exist for Python, which make programming considerably easier.

A comparatively older option, it first emerged in 1995 – however, it’s importance has only grown at an unparalleled rate since then. Highly portable, transparent and maintainable, this language also has a large number of libraries to make it easier for the user.

Java is incredibly user-friendly and easy to troubleshoot and debug, and the user can also write code that runs on different platforms with ease. The Virtual Machine Technology implemented in Java is key to this feature, actually. Many Big Data platforms like Apache Spark and Hadoop can be accessed using Java, making it a great all-around option for you.
Developed by MIT, this language is meant for mathematical analysis and numerical computing to be done in a high-performance fashion. These features make it an amazing choice for AI projects since it was designed keeping the needs of Artificial Intelligence in mind. Separate compilation is done away with, too – however, it is only growing, so it does not have the same number of libraries as the others.

Haskell, unlike Java, is a great choice for engaging and working with abstract mathematical concepts. You can create AI algorithms using the expressive and efficient libraries which come with the language, and the language is far more expressive compared to many others.

Probabilistic programming is also a cakewalk since developers are able to identify errors relatively quickly, even during the compile phase of iteration. However, you still cannot expect the same level of support that Java and Python offers.

You will need to learn some machine learning skills, if you are to have a long career in this field – in order to do that, you should check out the big data and machine learning courses on offer at Imarticus Learning.

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