What is the Best Course for Financial Analysts in India?

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A financial analyst is someone who is responsible for both internal as well as external financial analysis of all the clients of any particular finance firm. These professionals generally help their clients by advising them about the various options they would be able to invest in.

A Financial Analyst has a number of other designations such as Securities Analyst, Research Analyst, Equity Analyst or Investment Analyst. The various duties of a Financial Analyst comprise of writing reports, outlining the basic principles as part of the many brokerage agreements, technical chart analysis, tactical evaluation of the market environment and so on.

The job of a Financial Analyst bears some similarities to that of a Financial Planner as there are numerous instances when both these professionals, have to work together in order to conclude certain investment deals.

If you are a finance aspirant and have been entertaining the idea of entering into this field, there are certain aspects that you must keep in mind. Those candidates, who are very good with accounts, as well as possess an inclination towards the financial side of any organization, may find this career to be extremely fruitful.

Apart from these, there are various other skills that this career demands of its professionals, which are mathematical skills, reasoning and deep understanding of finance, exemplary communication skills, as well as, the ability to conduct flawless presentations. Financial Analysts are usually responsible for convincing their clients, through the various conclusions that they derive through their presentations.

This field is believed to be as rewarding, as it is demanding in terms of the skill set to be possessed by the candidates. When it comes to job opportunities, a Financial Analyst can either choose to work with a firm or choose to open an independent practice of their own.

The various career paths herein include accounting, auditing, as well as an assessment of taxes. A Financial Analyst can also be hired, in order to investigate the financial position of the company, in order to facilitate the trade of shares and securities. The various other career options for a financial analyst include account management, share valuation, company secretary and so on.

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In order to attain the designation of a Financial Analyst, a candidate should definitely be a graduate, belonging to a similar field of finance or economics. While at the same time there are a number of students who attempt to give the prestigious CA exams, while others take a shot at becoming charter holders, by attempting to acquire the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

While all of these educational pursuits are very much expected of a candidate, but in the recent times, a number of candidates have begun to opt for professional courses, in order to get an edge over their contemporaries. If you are looking for a professional course, in lieu of becoming a Financial Analyst, enrolling for the Imarticus Finance certification Program, offered by Imarticus Learning is the best option.

The CFA Certification is considered to be, the best bet towards a fulfilling career in Financial Analysis, mainly because this program guarantees to equip the candidates, with a thorough understanding of Financial Accounting, Financial Modeling, Industry Analysis, Corporate Strategy and Valuation Methodologies, all which are requisite to value both listed and unlisted companies.

Through this course, a candidate will be able to acquire a toolkit of highly practical, financial skills, which will prove beneficial to their career in the future.

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