What is The Best Coding Bootcamp For Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application of AI that provides the computer systems to automatically learn and process information to identify patterns and behavior which is later used in decision-making for given circumstances using this pattern. Machine learning is therefore looked upon as a revolutionary development in technology.

With diversified use of machine learning, companies are ready to invest in hiring machine learning engineers to stay ahead of the competition in a technology-driven world.

According to a report from Glassdoor, the average salary for machine learning engineers in the US is $115000 which is one of the reasons that make this field an attractive one even for the millennials who grew up with technology.

Aspiring candidates must possess great analytical skills and knowledge in programming languages and techniques like Python, C, C++, Hadoop, Impala, and Java which are provided through a Machine Learning Course.
There are numerous schools and institutes who are equipped with specially designed boot camps and courses both online and at the campus.

So, it becomes really difficult to choose the better one. Therefore, here is a list of compiled best boot camps for Machine Learning Training and deep learning which you can investigate further before making your decision:

  1. NYC Data Science Academy: Data science with Tableau, coding boot camp and Data science with R: Machine learning are some of its valuable courses offered full-time and part-time throughout the year. They also provide quarterly career day that connects the hirers with the students to enhance job opportunities.
  2. Grey Atom School of Data Science: It offers immersive data science boot camp, Data science masters program, data science masters program with deep learning. They offer career guidance and intense modules using Python.
  3. Product school: A list of comprehensive courses including product leadership, UX design for product managers and more cover subjects including Data analytics for managers(SQL & machine learning), blockchain and cryptocurrencies and project management. Students can get attend their courses in different locations or online and can access the job boards of the school online.
  4. Codesmith: Students get trained for landing in mid-level to high-level positions in their career with their intense courses like JavaScript for beginners, full stack software engineering immersive program and coding boot camps. On campus and online learning lets students build project modules and resume guidance.
  5. Lambda school: It renders a 30-week full time or 12 months part-time online boot camp which students can choose according to their convenience. Full-time or part-time Computer science and software engineering and Full-time or part-time machine learning and Artificial intelligence to name a few.
  6. Ubiqum Code Academy: Students can choose between a five-month full-time Bootcamp or one part-time data analytics course. Coding boot camps and full-stack web development with scholarships for women and veterans. To encourage promising aspirants they provide a facility to pay the fees in installments.
  7. Metis: It has different courses and boot camps both online and on the campus. Its data science Bootcamp has a duration of 12-week in person full-time course. Beginner Python for Matha and data science live course provides insights in subjects like web scrapping, Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning, Git, GitHub and more.
  8. Data science Dojo: They have a specially designed 5-day data science bootcamp which leverages a hands-on-training for the students who spend 10 hours in this immersive course. Microsoft Azure machine learning, predictive analysis, and data engineering are some of the subjects the students can master during this course.
  9. We cloud data: They offer full-time and part-time data science bootcamps in Toronto and Canada. Their bootcamp is interesting and trains the students to be competitive enough to survive and flourish in this competitive field.
  10. Simple: They offer a wide range of online courses on machine learning, deep learning and data science for individuals who can concentrate on their career as well as upgrading their skills with their professional online courses simultaneously. MapReduce for big data problems, Introduction to solving data problems using UNIX and Hadoop are some of their skillfully designed courses.

Either for a person who is looking to land on a dream job or for a person who is looking to make a career shift in data science attending one of these coding bootcamps will definitely elevate the chances of being on a competitive front. Hike in salary and landing on full-time jobs are some of the perks received by the students who took up coding bootcamps.
Most of the bootcamps offer online courses which are flexible and allows you to work in a favorable environment. Luckily, we at Imarticus Learning is conducting an event called "Hackathon", in which a number of students can participate in the coding competition.
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