How Can AI Help to Enhance Conversational Business Intelligence?

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Data, Analytics, Insights are the three key terms connected with the success of any organization. Well-curated and holistic customer data can take businesses to a whole new level.

It is the Business Intelligence Dashboard that keeps a record of KPIs, metrics, and various other data related to the organization, departments, or a specific process. While Business Intelligence Dashboards can provide a whole lot of information, it may require a considerable amount of time and effort to access the data.

Consider a scenario where a manager needs the sales of the Southern Territory for the past quarter. He also needs the list of jobs currently running on the organization’s server for new recruitments. All the information he needs will be available in the organizational Business Intelligence dashboard. But to access the specific data, he has to undergo several processes.

He has to log in for each task, set the parameters, range, format, etc, which is time-consuming and also tedious. This is where the AI-enhanced Conversational Business Intelligence comes in handy.

In today’s dynamic and competitive market, Conversational Business Intelligence powered by Artificial Intelligence has a unique role. It helps the organization to improve customer experience, involves minimal business decision-making, and also helps in offering more personalized services. It provides a whole new approach to your daily business tasks.

AI-enhanced Conversational Business Intelligence is an intelligent interface between the dashboards and the users. It not only helps in gathering the specific information at a rapid speed but makes use of a structured and user-friendly format to present the data.

It delivers quick and exact responses. Conversational Business Intelligence is beneficial both at the customer end and also for the employees within the organization. It helps to receive crucial data and insights about the customers by simplifying and speeding up the entire process.

The employees can access data without worrying about extra passwords, another application, or new software. Conversational Business Intelligence enhanced by Artificial Intelligent is easy to collaborate with any platform of your choice.

Let’s look at another instance where Artificial Intelligence enhanced conversational business intelligence comes to your help. Using Google Analytics, you get valuable insights related to your customers such as what page they are viewing or how frequently they have visited a page of your site, etc.

But what it does not answer is WHY that specific customer revisits a page, the pricing page for instance, and does not continue with the purchase or opt for a trial option as mentioned on the page.

There could be several reasons stopping the customer from making the purchase. He could be hesitating because the page does not provide enough details to convince him, or he could be confused about the purpose of the product, or he could be worried about the delivery of the product, etc. However, the reasons are unknown.

This is where the AI-enhanced conversational business intelligence comes to your rescue. The customer can now communicate their problems, to a system mimicking human intelligence, without actually having to talk to the manager or owner of the site in person and can clarify all his doubts regarding the specific product or page instantly.

Why a career in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence trainingArtificial Intelligence in Business Intelligence makes use of computer systems to mimic the various abilities of human intelligence such as reasoning, learning, understanding, communication, perception, judgment, and much more.

With the fast-growing businesses and a huge number of customers, the data generated today is much more than what one can absorb or interpret.

With this kind of data, it can get really difficult for human minds to make complex decisions. This is why Artificial Intelligence is said to be the future of all complex decision-making. Therefore, an Artificial Intelligence career can provide endless job opportunities.

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