What are The Different Fields in Data Analytics?

One of the most popular technology-empowered jobs out there, data analytics consists of various disciplines in the field of data science. There are plenty of different areas in which data analytics is applied, with the banking sector being the foremost. As the world starts adopting data analytics techniques, there are different jobs that are present in the field of data analytics.

Here are four of the main fields in the data analytics sector:
1.Data analyst:
Some companies use the terms “data scientist” and “data analyst” interchangeably. Data analysts generally work with SQL databases and pull data out of the same. The job also entails becoming a master of Tableau and Excel and occasionally analyze results of A/B testing and leading the Google Analytics account. Other roles can also include reporting dashboard data and producing data visualizations.
2.Data Engineer:
Data engineers are generally bought in when companies start getting a lot of traffic and need someone to set up the infrastructure to move forward. There’s also a need for somebody to provide constant analysis and this job can generally be posted under “Data Scientists” or “Data Engineers” as well.
Data engineers require a decent knowledge of machine learning, and heavy statistics as these are one of the main assets companies look for when they’re starting out themselves. Software engineering skills are seen as more of a secondary requirement during the initial phase. Data engineers generally get to own all their work but won’t have much guidance and could reach a point of stagnation.
3.Machine Learning Engineer:
There are many companies where data ends up being their main product. Data analysts or machine learning will be a huge part of their internal processes here. A machine learning engineer who has an education in statistics, physics or mathematics will have a bigger role in these situations. If they’re looking at continuing in an academic path even afterward, then this is a great role to fulfill.
Most companies which look out for machine learning engineers are consumer-facing and have huge data which they offer out to other companies.
4.Data science generalist:
Companies look for data science generalists to join other data scientists internally. Companies that take interview care about data but aren’t necessarily a data company themselves. They will be on the lookout for individuals who can work on a wide variety of hats, including touch production code, analysis, data visualization and more.
Data science generalists are sought after to fulfill any specific niche which a company feels their team lacks. This can include areas such as machine learning or data visualization for example.
Thus, it’s important that you’re always on the lookout for a job that satisfied your skill set the best. There are so many options available for those interested, and with data analytics shaping the world we live in, it will serve you well if you can find your own niche.
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