What Are The Best Online Courses in Data Science Using Python?

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Truth be told, today it is all about data and using it to further business growth and productivity using cutting-edge technology to sift through huge volumes of data. The data and its analysis provide gainful insights that are used in strategic decision making, various business-related predictions, and for gaining foresight into market conditions.

Online Vs Classroom courses:

Online courses are trending and are the latest in a series of measures to equip yourself with new skill sets. You may be either looking to make a career or change professions. Such courses fill the gap in addressing the chronic shortage of trained personnel in the data science field. While the online courses do not make experts of you, they serve the purpose of giving you an overview of the subjects involved and making a generalist of you. You may also find a few free online data science certificate courses.

In contrast to the online data science certificate, the paid classroom certification courses help acquire hands-on practical-learning applications,  an improved skill set, an effective framework for learning and mentorship,  and boosts your confidence. Many also help you acquire certifications that come in handy as measurable proof of your being able to practically apply your skill sets to work issues and industry-relevant applications. However, in terms of being useful to get your dream career and job, remember that many aspects of learning about data sciences and programming languages are best learned through the hands-on approach.

Why Python?

Python is a free open-source general-purpose programming language that is very useful in data sciences. It allows you to create CSV files that help read data in spreadsheets. It also permits other complicated outputs using computational ML clusters. It has a wide range of available libraries like Pandas for tasks like data import from Excel sheets, processing time-series analysis and everything in between. Its ML libraries like PyBrain and Scilkit-Learn provide ready-made components and modules for data processing and neural networks. It is a bit slow but makes up for its excellent compatibility with other languages, simple syntax, and applicability to varied verticals.

Requisite Educational Qualifications:

Most online data science courses are introductory and fundamental in nature and do not require any formal qualification or degree. Data analysts can definitely use the resources online to learn data analytics when they have a good understanding of subjects like Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering, etc. Allied subjects like Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and such courses are also available in the mode of online courses.

Online courses do improve your foundation in theory. Many career aspirants pursue such online data science certificate courses at reputed training institutes to equip themselves on how to apply their learning to different situations and verticals. Classroom learning, however, becomes essential to pick up crucial skills like comprehensive data capture, organization of databases, cleaning of data, applying insights to business decisions and strategy and the effective presentation of the insights gained. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel techniques, having good mathematical abilities and the knowledge of statistics are huge advantages.

  • The criteria for selecting these courses are that the online data science certificate
  • Cover all relevant data science process topics.
  • They use free open-source libraries and tools.
  • Basic machine learning algorithms are covered.
  • It covers basic applications and the theory behind them.
  • Projects, assignments and hands-on supervised practical sessions are provided.
  • Lead instructors are certified, engaging and presentable.
  • Courses are rated at least 4.5 on a scale of 5.
  • Frequency of courses can be on-request or monthly.


Learning reinforcement and hands-on practice scores! With so many resources and a learning data science in Python for free and on one’s own is never easy. It emerges that the paid-courses are better than the online courses in Data Science for their widely accepted certification, mentorship by certified trainers, personalized personality-development modules, a skill-oriented approach with tons of practice and assured placements.

The Imarticus Learning courses deliver skilled well-rounded personnel in a variety of latest technology courses which are based on industry demand. If you want to be job-ready with data science certification from day one, then don’t wait.

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