What are the 7 C's of Credit?

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The Cs of credit is different aspects on which a bank or a lender judges if the borrower is reliable. There are 7 Cs and if the borrower meets the criteria, then they are eligible for credit. To ensure this, many companies hire professionals to conduct credit risk assessments. These professionals gain their expertise after completing credit risk management courses that prepare them to handle complex situations. 

Get to Know the 7 Cs of Credit


  • Cash Flow


Cash flow refers to how profitable a business is and if those profits can be presented to the bank. Steady cash flow requires a bookkeeping system that will help business owners provide the data to the bank. This will help to generate financial statements from the available data. To determine the condition of cash flow, it is important to understand cash flow calculation so that all data is accurate. 


  • Capacity


This is another important aspect of credit. It is necessary to know if a business owner is capable of running their company and if the team is functioning at full capacity or needs more members to get work done. The easiest way to determine that is by assessing how much work has been done in a year and if the business is operational without any issues. 


  • Commitment


It is necessary to evaluate one's commitment to one's business. There will be tough times but these can be overcome with proper strategies and business tactics. Business owners need to be invested in the growth of their company. 


  • Character


The character of the business owner is of utmost importance when it comes to getting credit. The bank takes into account if the person had taken any loans or credit before and if all payments have been done on time. With reliable references, the bank can easily judge a person's character and will be more comfortable providing credit or giving a loan. 


  • Collateral


Before starting a business, every business owner needs to understand what collateral they can offer. The collateral can be business or personal, especially if it is property owned by themselves and not by a family member or acquaintance. 


  • Capital


Every business needs to have funds to function properly. Capital should not only be set aside for emergencies but also to improve the quality of business and the services provided, without having to compromise. 


  • Conditions


The conditions of the market or the industry can affect credit. If the industry is safe and the market is profitable, then the banks are more likely to approve loans. The conditions are also dependent upon the nature of the product or service. If a business has a product that will draw customers, profits are bound to increase. 

A credit analyst course with credit risk assessment will prepare students to tackle these 7 Cs. Imarticus Learning offers a Prodegree on credit risk and underwriting, and it is aimed at teaching students to conduct accurate financial analysis and manage loans in the current credit landscape. 

Why are credit risk and underwriting courses important? 

Now, many students may ask why a course in credit risk and underwriting is important. The answer is that every company needs to have such an assessment done and invests in credit managers to stay on top of the game. Therefore learning cash flow calculation, credit administration, and underwriting can lead to lucrative job offers. Credit risk and underwriting or CRU is a course with a curriculum that has been endorsed by industry experts and it comes with a mentorship program. These two aspects of the program help students develop specialized skills and gain industry experience. 

Imarticus Learning's credit analyst course provides an industry certificate in collaboration with Moody's Analytics. The live lectures with instructors are great for developing interactive skills. As a part of these credit risk management courses, Imarticus Learning offers 5 case studies where students are encouraged to use the latest trends in credit management and come up with solutions. Students are prepared for interviews. 

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