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Anti money laundering course

The banking sector is a flourishing ground and the multiple career opportunities in this sector make it the best for both career growth and employment prospects. While a career in banking has been a popular field, the latest rage is being an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist.

For the prospective candidates, the best banking courses after graduation for this career would be the Certified Investment Banking Operations Specialist (CIBOP).

Who is an AML Specialist?

An AML Specialist is a person who investigates the risks and potential of money laundering in financial institutions or global banks. He or she is responsible for constantly monitoring and identifying any suspicious transactions in the field and duly document them.

Certified anti money laundering courseRecently there has been an increased demand for these specialists and a career in AML is at its peak, considering the swelling cyber frauds that companies suffer every year.

There are various certification courses available online to help you pursue this career. One must choose the best investment banking courses with placement assistance that prepare the candidate for the job.

Why is CIBOP the best option?

CIBOP course is designed in collaboration with the industry experts so that the candidates will have a better idea about what to expect and how the market works. The course will be conducted by experienced professionals who can give a clear idea about the investment banking career and clear their doubts.

This is also one of those investment banking courses with placement assistance for an assured job in the end. Moreover, the trade lifecycle that is taught here takes the global outlook into account so that it always has the perspective of the overall operations.

Career prospects in AML

An AML professional should have a better understanding of the sections such as fixed income, cash equities, money market, foreign exchange, and derivatives market. He or she must be able to do an in-depth study and analysis of everyday operations of an investment bank with a main focus on the trade life cycle.

Investment Banking CoursesSince Anti Money Laundering course also involves risk management and regulations, the candidate must be well versed in these areas as well. The other skills these specialists must possess are,

  • Ability to conduct investigation and risk assessment of the suspicious banking events and take the appropriate actions.
  • Ability to propose actions to the management based on the investigation conducted
  • Must recommend new rules and regulations to the business management team for the success of the efforts, processes, and policies.
  • Must follow the emerging trends in the field and constantly conduct research on the ongoing financial issues and conduct an analysis of the same.
  • Most importantly, he or she must have a strong analytical mind, communication skills, pay attention to the minute details, and be able to make quick decisions.


For those who are still confused about their career options, think about the various banking courses to choose after graduation. Any banking course, especially concerning the investment bank is a good career option for newcomers and professionals equally.

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