Transitioning to Data Science: How To Get There?

Transitioning to Data Science: How To Get There?

The emergence of big data has prompted businesses to rely on data to make informed decisions. But how do you make sense of all that data?  That's where the data scientist enters the scene.

A data scientist collects, analyses, and interprets data to make business recommendations. They do this by using AI, Statistics, and Computer science. They can apply these skills to a wide range of industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail.

The Data science career is an excellent choice for those interested in working with data. And it's pretty rewarding with the right skills. Whether you want to advance in your career in data science or start, many options are available. One of the most effective ways is through data science courses.

These courses enable students with the right skills and knowledge to succeed. Let's explore how you can transition with the help of proper data science online training.

Transitioning to Data Science via Applied Learning Courses 

The easiest way to transition to the data science space is to learn the fundamentals of the subject. Consider enrolling in a data science online training program that incorporates applied learning.

This learning method is convenient since students are not restricted to physical classrooms. Also, it offers students the flexibility to learn at their own pace, anywhere, and at any time. 

The learning model in an online environment is flexible and includes various resources. These include videos, lectures, articles, books, and one-on-one interactions with the instructor. Next, let's talk about what you'll need to learn in your data science course.

Data Science Online Training Curriculum

To transition into data science, you'll need to learn the fundamental concepts, including:

  • Statistics
  • Probability Theory
  • Probability Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Statistical Tests

These topics form the core of any data science course. Moreover, an understanding of Machine learning and Predictive Modelling is also required. Apart from these topics, you'll also learn about some essential tools and languages. These include:

  • Python
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • NumPy
  • Pandas

Combining these tools with fundamental concepts will help you in your data role.

What Makes a Good Data Science Online Training?

So, we've considered the curriculum requisites for transitioning into a data science career. Now, let's examine what makes a great data science course based on applied learning: Faculty from top institutes such as IIT/IIM and other industry experts.

  • Live instructor-led online sessions with access to the session recordings and notes.
  • Online discussion with course faculty and peers to clear doubts and brainstorm.
  • Real-world case studies and live projects to provide insight. These concepts can predict property value, heart disease, taxi fare, etc.
  • Regular assignment assessments to track progress.
  • A Capstone project to collate and present the course learnings.
  • Career support activities, including resume-building workshops and mock interviews for job placements.
  • Startup mentorship and funding for those looking to start their ventures.
  • Certification of completion.
  • Access to an alumni network and a chance for an on-campus immersion program.

A course providing these things will ensure that you learn data science skills and make data-driven decisions. One such data science online training based on the concept of applied learning is offered by Imaticus Learning.

About Imaticus Learning

Imarticus Learning, in collaboration with iHUB DivyaSampark @ IIT Roorkee and the Department of Science & Technology (DST), offers one of the best certification programs in Data Science and Machine Learning

Since the program is made especially for the early and mid-level professionals, you'll understand the various aspects of data science and learn how to implement and apply these concepts to real-world problems. 

Imaticus Learning covers all the points that make for excellent data science online training program, as mentioned earlier. Check out the success stories of those who transitioned into the data science field. Some alumni work with big brands such as Accenture, Capgemini, KPMG, etc.

You can visit the Imarticus Learning website for live chat support. You can also drive to one of their training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Ahmedabad.


As data becomes central to decision-making in organizations, those with the skills to analyze and interpret it will be in high demand. Starting or transitioning to a data science career requires a strong foundation. And to help you with that, you can look for result-oriented data science courses.

Attending these courses helps you develop the skills needed to become a top Data scientist, Data Analyst, Business analyst, Data manager, Business Intelligence expert, etc.

This blog discussed what constitutes a top data science online training program and explored one such institute in Imaticus Learning. Feel free to check it out. Also, let us know your opinion on the necessary things for transitioning into the data science career.

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