Top 10 Popular Data Analytics Tools For A Better Career

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Top 10 Popular Data Analytics Tools For A Better Career

Data is definitely today’s one of the most valuable assets. We all know the limitless power of data and how it dictates business operations. Whatever the scale of a business, data makes the core of it. Not only businesses or IT hubs are using data analytics, but various other fields are also taking the advantage of it. Let us take a very simple instance to understand how data analysis works.

Let us take sports as a case study. This will help you understand that a field that is remotely connected to science and technology is extracting its benefits. Assume X is a tennis player who has been on the circuit since 2005. He has been touring all over the world, participating in various tournaments, and has recently put his shoes off. Now, you get to see his performance graphs, how consistent he was, which were his favorite shots, etcetera on television channels. This is the most common scenario when the stats are analyzed post-retirement. Have you ever thought about how that is possible? 

 For instance, all the records and stats right from his first match to the final match with a comparative analysis require rigorous data analytics. It is humanly impossible to gather all the data and then filter out necessary ones manually. 

Here comes data analytics tools that help you perform the task effectively. Go through the upcoming sections to get familiar with the new-age data analytics tools.  

An Introduction to Data Analytics

We are currently living in the world of data and therefore you will often be advised to learn data analytics

Data analytics tools are particular applications and/ or software that enable data analysts to work with a large volume of data. Data, in its crudest form, is unstructured and haphazard. A data analyst filters out unnecessary data and then collates the required information in the database. This is structured data that can be used effectively for future references. 

Data analytics tools help manage and work with data. In other words, useful data is actually the derivation of structured data via data analytics tools. Find below a list of the latest tools that are used by the giants of the industry like Google, Facebook, Apple, Dominos, and others.  

Top 10 Data Analytics Tools


One of the most widely used programming languages among AI developers today is Python. It can be used effectively to run programs because it does not need to be pre-compiled into machine code. Additionally, it has an automatic memory management system and a dynamic type system that support a wide range of programming paradigms.

Microsoft Excel

It may sound trivial but in reality, Microsoft Excel works as a strong data analytics tool. Numerous filters, formulae, and other features enable users to analyze data effectively with Microsoft Excel. Asa matter of fact, this is the very tool we all perhaps get to learn in our schooldays. 


As the name suggests, RapidMiner is an excellent data analytics tool used for data mining. Data mining includes scopes such as visualizing, filtering, structuring, storing, and managing big data. 


QlikView is a self-service business analysis tool that you should learn to be at par with the most recent trends in data analytics. Samsung and CISCO are among the tycoons that use QlikView for data analytics.

Apache Spark

Apache Software Foundation came up with one of the most useful data analytics tools that empower users with multiple features. Above all, this is an open-source application used by Visa, Oracle, and other big names. 


If you are eyeing a data integration tool, then Talend is the suitable solution for you. Talend incorporates an ELT backbone which ensures the safety and simplicity of the interface. 


Splunk is among the widely used data analytics tools to visualize, filter, and analyze raw data. It is favored and trusted by 92 of the top Fortune 100 companies.  


Tableau offers you a simple, user-friendly interface to work with a cluster of structured and unstructured data. It is one of the rare tools that allows you to work on live data sets. 


If you want to get a grasp of data analytics, you should start with a simple yet effective analytics tool. Datapine is one of those tools that allows beginners to work with a large scale of data without complicating things.  

SAS Forecasting

Data forecasting or data prediction is an important part of data analytics. For example, you may need to predict a stat for the future based on available current data. SAS Forecasting is the ideal tool to do such things easily.  

Best Data Analytics Certification Course

Data analytics is a topic that has earned a reputation in and outside India as one of the vital operational wings of the business. Competent data analysts are placed in big national and international agencies with handsome salaries. Thus, students often look for the best data analytics certification course. Imarticus has an integrated post-graduation course on data analytics that prepares trainees for a bright future. 

Data Analytics Course with Placement

You should learn data analytics from a reputed institution that offers you a data analytics course with placement opportunities. 

Placement immediately after the course will boost your morale and also introduce you to the real world of data analytics. You will get to know how the giants of industries run their businesses with the power of effective data analytics.  

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