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Financial Analyst Course

In the last two years, the global economy has navigated through various challenges like market fluctuations, inflationary pressures, and unemployment. However, amidst these circumstances, the financial sector has soared to new heights, primarily due to two factors: digitisation and growth in fintech usage (financial technology) and a rise in awareness of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments. Due to the abundance of chances, now is the perfect chance to pursue a career in finance. 

Financial Analyst Course

The financial services sector is vast and includes everything from banking and investments to financial technology, sometimes known as fintech. It will be beneficial to have a look at the positions accessible if you've been considering beginning a career in finance.

In this article, we'll look at some of the highest-paying positions in the financial sector, which you can apply for after completing the financial analysis course.

Highest Paying Finance Jobs 

Financial Advisor 

These professionals help clients define their short- and long-term financial goals in order to direct them to solutions that make sense. A financial advisor's duties include acting as the client's primary point of contact, keeping up to date on insurance products, and working closely with underwriters and risk assessment experts.

Average Salary: Rs. 426,380 per year 

Senior Accountant 

Senior accountants are at the top of the accounting hierarchy and are often in charge of managing daily accounting tasks. They are in charge of controlling business spending, achieving accounting goals, and upholding budgets.

Average Salary: Rs. 418,197 per year

Investment Banker 

Investment bankers oversee the portfolios of organisations and governmental bodies that make investments in various industries. These professionals offer clients advice on how to invest and earn money in a way that will help the business reach its goals for financial expansion. 

Average Salary: Rs. 894,943 per year 

Hedge Fund Manager 

Hedge fund managers, like investment bankers, are in charge of higher-risk, higher-return portfolios for investors who pool their money to invest in hedge funds. They embrace an industrious work ethic where they must diligently monitor the markets to safeguard and benefit their investors. A career in this field seldom adheres to conventional full-time hours, offering unique and engaging opportunities to professionals. 

Average Salary: Rs. 2,800,000 per year 

Financial Analyst 

Financial analysts go through financial data to help company stakeholders make decisions about the organisation's financial health. Working with financial institutions including banks, funds, insurance companies, and more, they support the demands and purchasing decisions of customers across the country.

Average Salary: Rs. 473.650 per year

Information Technological Auditor 

IT auditors typically do their work for public or private organisations to verify that the technological infrastructure satisfies regulatory requirements and other business IT requirements. Since they spend their days doing audits, which occasionally require certification, they should be proficient in doing so.

Average Salary: Rs. 553,060 per year 

Financial Software Developer 

Developers of financial software work in the expanding Fintech industry, building solutions for both end-users and financial institutions. Their job role drive efficiency and convenience and fosters greater financial inclusion to make informed decisions. 

Average Salary: Rs. 588,076 per year 

Private Equity Associate 

These individuals build relationships with financiers in order to purchase private equity, which they subsequently use to invest in companies that diversify financiers' portfolios. They unlock growth opportunities and generate attractive returns for investors. Their expertise identifies promising ventures that play a vital role in economic development and innovation.

Average Salary: Rs. 827,382 per year 

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief compliance officers are responsible for all tasks and divisions, adhering to compliance standards. They manage policies and keep an eye on compliance to help businesses operate as effectively as possible and avoid non-compliance charges.

Average Salary: Rs. 3,222,193 per year 

Chief Financial Officer 

As a key figure in an organisation, CFOs play a crucial role in overseeing financial teams, providing guidance to analysts, and efficiently managing budgets. They play a pivotal role in making strategic decisions regarding technology infrastructure and ensuring optimal utilisation of company resources. 

Average Salary: Rs. 3,553,486 per year 


Even though the pandemic situation has given a drastic blow to the global market, financial careers are still prospering over the years. Aspirants are thriving to make their way through this field and have lucrative career opportunities. 

If you are interested in taking up a financial analysis course, you can consider enrolling for Imarticus Learning's Financial Analysis Prodegree in collaboration with KPMG. This course helps to build a lucrative career in investment banking, corporate finance and private equity. You will also be eligible for high career success transitions once you complete the course. 

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