Top finance Management Jobs for 2019

Wondering where to head after completing your graduation in the finance department? Well, there are a plethora of opportunities to start your career in the field of financial management. Though it is one of the most competitive areas, yet there exist several occasions with the benefit of being paid high as compared to another sector.
It would be tough to find your dream job straight after graduation as the industry is enormous and certifications make you're better suitable for a significant position. You can start with the entry-level jobs and then expand your knowledge to gain expertise in the particular field.
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The Earlier, The Better

Financial Institutions prefer good grades from the start. The essential requirement to enter the finance world is an undergraduate degree yet having an exceptional knowledge about numbers would leverage your chances of being hired. Since, your prime focus in on working with firms or organisation, it is preferable to have a background in economics, accounts and maths. Someone with exceptional skills and knowledge about the current market trends is preferred for a job in the finance sector.

Job Opportunities

Finding a job might seem harsh but only if you look at specific areas or the right place to opt for an opportunity could you avail the offer. Several online websites such as Linkedin or the Naukri provide a plethora of options to find the right job, yet surfing websites that are specifically meant to provide finance-related employment would be profitable.
The prime concern is to look for the various job opportunities that lie in the sector of the finance industry. A profile that would provide not only money but also opportunities to grow in the long run.
Here, we have the top three jobs in 2019 you can consider while looking to start your career with:

Financial Analyst

The current market conditions witness rise and fall of the economy that affects the different organisation. Seeing such transition, organisation seek professional that could guide them to make a significant investment and also provide relevant advice about the capitals of the organisation so that they can maximise profits.
A financial analyst is responsible for analysing the macro and the microeconomic data of an organisation that would provide a recommendation related to the marketing sector. Primarily, they work in investment banks and help the organisation to indulge in buying or selling of stocks. The essential requirement of being a financial analyst has a bachelor's degree. An MBA graduate would be a plus for entering the finance industry.

Banking Analyst

The investment banking analyst is responsible for analysing the transaction initiated by the banks and then create presentation thereby guiding the investors or the bankers. The analyst would be expected to report to the banker while working with the investment team.
The principal duties to be performed by the investment banking analyst comprises of analysing the financial data to provide portfolios. An in-depth study to be done of the stock performances allow them to suggest a recommendation to the bankers. The analyst would also be required to generate reports and draft presentation to support his findings.
The prime requirement to opt for the entry-level job is a bachelor's degree. However, banks prefer someone with an MBA degree.

Junior Tax Associate

One of the ideal job profile for the just passed graduate to start their career in the finance industry is the role of a junior Tax Associate. The prime purpose of the professional is to examine several records of the company such as documents of expenditure or the tax statements so that it can determine the amount of tax the client owes along with providing all the relevant taxation reports to the same.
It works for an individual client to review his annual income and provide significant insights into the obligations due on the client.
You need to have a bachelor's degree in the Accounting Field to be suitable for the job profile of a tax associate. Knowledge about subjects of economics, accounting and statistics with finance is preferable.
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