Top 7 add-ons to turn your browser into a hacking tool

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Top 7 add-ons to turn your browser into a hacking tool

Gone are the days when cyber security experts were simply enthusiasts who were really into computers and the internet. Today, cyber security is a booming career practically compulsory for anyone with a computer or smartphone. It might be surprising, but there is actually a lot more to ethical hacking than is presented in the media.

When it comes to ethical hacking, one essential skill is the ability to use various tools to begin your penetration testing process. While browser extensions aren't the most popular, they can help you accomplish multiple goals. We'll look at seven browser extensions that can make the life of any ethical hacker easier.

Top 7 Adds-On to turn your browser:


When pen-testing a web application, you must use your browser's address bar to change, add parameters, or modify the URL. When you do this, the server may respond with redirects and reloads, which can be time-consuming if you want to experiment with different values for a single variable.


In web application penetration testing, we need to gather information about its domain, hardware, and software. This is information gathering or banner grabbing. This procedure helps exploit Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).


An ethical hacker must encode and decode many keys and hashes. This can be time-consuming if you must look up values all the time. This plugin saves time by allowing you to encode and decode text from the context menu. Additionally, you can customize the context menu.

Open Port Check Tool

As the name implies, Open Port Check Tool detects any open ports on the current computer and alerts the user to turn off unused ports to reduce the possibility of an attack. 

The Open Port Check Tool makes it simple to identify open ports. This plugin allows you to do this remotely — enter your client's IP address, and you'll be able to check their computer's port statuses without needing physical access to the hardware. This allows you to identify port vulnerabilities that need to get addressed.

Cache killer

Ethical hackers frequently have multiple tabs open at the same time. As you are probably aware, this will quickly fill up your browser cache and may cause problems viewing a webpage.

Site Spider Mark II

It extracts all publicly accessible links from a website and is used to search for and locate broken links. Site Spider Mark II also displays the entire list of links. Site Spider is a Chrome extension.

Note Anywhere

Ethical hacking for web applications begins with gathering advanced information about the targeted websites. Ethical hackers typically use various word processors to save that information and load it quickly when needed. 

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