Top 5 Strategic HR Management Courses Of 2023

Strategic HR Management Courses

Importance of Strategic HR Management

Implementing Strategic HR Management (SHRM) in an organisation can yield numerous benefits. This approach enables the HR department to harness employee potential through strategic planning effectively.

The key role of SHRM revolves around organisational design, talent management, performance management, and leadership development. The entire planning processes align with an organisation’s broader goals and objectives.

HR management strategies collaborate with an organisation's HR team and mission statement.

Top 5 Strategic HR Management Courses of 2023

To become a part of SHRM, you must hone your skills and upgrade your knowledge about strategic HR trends. And this is where Strategic HR Management Courses help. We have listed the top 5 courses in the field of SHRM that you should know about.

1. People Leadership & Strategic HR Management, IIM Lucknow

This is one of the best Executive Management programs hosted by Imarticus Learning. This course is specifically tailored for senior business managers and emerging HR professionals who aspire to become HR leaders.

  • Highlights of the course
  • New-age people leadership program
  • Curriculum designed for leaders
  • IIM Lucknow Executive alumni status
  • Masterclasses by Chief Experience Officers (CXOs)
  • Winsome learning experiences

2. Human Resource Management and Analytics CEC, IIT Roorkee

Powered by Imarticus Learning, this Strategic HR Management Course ensures you become leaders of the HR world. This programme will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in strategic human resources in a changing business world. The program includes a range of topics, such as:

  • Managing diversity
  • Analyzing and designing job roles
  • Engaging employees
  • Creating effective hiring strategies
  • Conducting performance appraisals
  • Developing skills and competencies
  • Establishing a positive organisational culture.

Highlights of the course

  • Immersive learning
  • Premium access to Linkedin Learning
  • Pro access to Hirist and IIM Jobs
  • Certification from CEC, IIT Roorkee
  • Campus immersion at IIT Roorkee

3. Executive Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management, IIM Calcutta

This course aims to equip both middle and top-level managers. This is an ideal programme for line managers along with HR managers. The module covers the basics of HRM, leadership and talent management, corporate strategy, employee or industrial relations, and the links between strategy and HRM. In addition, the course covers important SHRM topics such as HR analytics and managing millennial workers. It also addresses current issues in international HR management and the economic workforce.

Highlights of the course

  • Case method study
  • On campus experiential
  • Self –assessment
  • Status of Alumni of IIMC Executive Education

4. Strategic Human Resource Management, IIM Ahmedabad

This Strategic HR Management Course by IIMA is best suited for CEOs, heads of strategic management, and HR. It also benefits employees involved in designing the organisational structures. The course helps learners develop a sense of identifying strategic HR issues in organisations. Thus, they can resort to the best choices in the given dynamic business environment.

Highlights of the course

  • Designing HR systems for sustained competitive advantage
  • Corporate Strategy and HRM
  • Strategic HR diagnosis
  • Flexi working: Strategic HR agenda
  • Managing International business

5. MBA in HR Analytics, Amity University

One key feature of SHRM is leveraging the latest data-driven technology. Amity’s online MBA in HR Analytics Course revolves around this crucial feature. With this course, HR professionals gain expertise in analysing data to manage people and meet business goals.

Highlights of the course

  • Live interactions with analytics experts and business leaders
  • Flipped learning model to enhance learning outcomes
  • Support to students through relationship managers
  • Virtual job fairs with over 100 hiring partners
  • Global education set-up with renowned International faculty

Benefits of enrolling in Strategic HR Management Course

Strategic HR Management Course inculcates sustainable value in learners. Globalisation, advancing technologies, and evolving social norms influence HRM. Hence, adopting a strategic approach to HRM issues is crucial. Employers now recognise the competitive advantage of including SHRM. A Strategic HR Management Course will always keep you ahead of your peers in the HR field.

Moreover, these courses ensure you stay current and meet the organisation and customer needs. The course prepares you to improve HRM efficiency and the organisation’s success.

Summing it up!

Are you looking to advance your career in HR? The Strategic HR Management Courses mentioned above can help you achieve this. These courses will help you establish credibility as the best strategic HR Manager. These will give you a deeper understanding of business, HR operating models, and detailed organisational design.

Along with these Strategic HR Management Courses, Imarticus Learning hosts many courses powered by the best universities to update your skills and knowledge.

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