Top 10 Digital Marketing Career Opportunity in 2020

digital marketing course

Digital marketing was only a part of the campaigning for selling products, until a few years back. These days, it is the primary go-to- strategy for all kinds of products. This popularity has made this marketing strategy into a career of its own. 

Now, it has branched out into different categories of careers that are individually promising to enhance the overall marketing of the business. Here are the different options if you are looking for a career in digital marketing.  

  1. Web Developer

The primary necessity of digital marketing for a business is to have an attractive and easy to navigate website which the web developer or web designer helps with. There are front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers who work on different aspects of website development. 

  1. Content Writer

Once the website is up, it needs content to provide information for the customers and to lure them to the business. This is where the content writers come into the picture. There are 

  1. Copywriter

Copywriting is different from content writing where the primary requirement is to create short marketing ads that are catchy to go along with the advertising visuals through various channels. Each marketing channel requires a different strategy and a copywriter needs to be adaptable to these challenges. 

  1. Email Marketer

Email marketing is a personalized way of digital marketing that helps build a customer base. It’s done by developing trust that generates more leads, loyal customers, and a solid increase in sales as well. 

  1. SEO Manager

An SEO Manager needs to optimize both the onsite and offsite performance of the website. It helps the overall reach of the content by coordinating the writer, developer, and marketing team to make the website content more search engine friendly and reach more customers for better profits. 

  1. Search Engine Marketer

An SEM is responsible for bringing in more customers using the proper search engine tools and strategies. Choosing the right Adwords that can get the maximum number of customers through keyword research, bids, ad campaigns, etc. 

  1. Conversion Rate Optimizer

This is a crucial job that coordinates all the marketing team to see the conversion rate in the business. It also requires to assess the conversion rate and take necessary steps to improve or change the strategies as per the changes or requirements. The ultimate aim is to increase the rate to get more profits. 

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager’s role is an experienced one where you have had a few years in this arena. The manager would lead the team from the front on the various strategies and combine the efforts of the various departments. 

  1. Advertising Expert

The major share of digital marketing is done through Google and Facebook. An Ad expert manages the various Google Ads and Facebook Ads through strategies, budgets, and the right choice of ads to run. This is one area where you can get more knowledge through a digital marketing course

  1. Social Media Manager

Similar to the ad campaigns, the social media manager decides and runs the marketing on various platforms. With millions of people hooked to social media and each platform needs different strategies and socially curated content, a social media manager’s role is crucial in this digital era. 


The scope for digital marketing is growing every day and it could lead to the requirement of a new position. You can easily find a digital marketing course both online and offline. There also are free and paid courses of various kinds. Go through what entices you more and where you can perform more and find the best course to brush up your skills.

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