The Top Data Analytics Certifications in 2020 For Advanced Data Expertise!

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The explosion of interest in technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has stepped up demand for data scientists and analysts over the past few years.

Advanced capabilities in data analytics are just too critical to ignore at this point. In a matter of years, they’ve reached out from a niche sector to nearly every industry that generates any form of data. However, data analysts with the right mix of skills, experience and spirit of innovation are quite rare. This means businesses are well away from realizing the true potential of their data dumps and the insights that can be garnered from it.

Big Data Analytics Certification CoursesIf you’re interested in pursuing data analytics jobs sometime in the future, it is advised that sign up for big data analytics training opportunities within or through your company. If you’re a student or a fresh graduate, enrolling in a Data Analytics Certification Course is a sure-fire way to strengthen your core competencies and upgrade your skillset in the process.

Here are some of the top data analytics certifications you could choose from in 2020:

  • SAS Certified Data Scientist

To earn the SAS Certified Data Scientist certificate, you will need to pass all 5 SAS Certified Big Data Professional and SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional levels. They consist of two and three exams respectively. The exams test a student’s knowledge in big data preparation, programming, statistics, predictive modelling, text analytics and visual exploration.

Upon completing the exams successfully, the newly-certified professional can gain insights from big data using SAS tools as well as open-source options. The professional will also be skilled in creating machine learning business models to derive insights and influence decisions at a higher management level.

  • Microsoft CSE (Certified Solutions Expert)

This certification deals with data management and analytics. It consists of 12 exams; however, aspirants will first need to earn at least one out of the seven MSCA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certifications. The costs of the exams don’t include the training material, which a candidate can source directly from Microsoft.

This certification prepares you for building data solutions at an enterprise level and applying Business Intelligence approaches to big data. It also prepares you for the administration of SQL databases. After obtaining this certification, job roles such as database analyst, BI analyst and database designer are well within your reach.

  • IBM Data Science Professional

This beginner-level certification demonstrates the skills of an individual in the subjects of data science such as SQL, Python, data analysis, basic methodologies and open source libraries. The candidate will need to complete nine courses spread out over 12 hours per week for a total of three months. These courses will include practical experiments and assignments that contribute to the individual’s portfolio. The professional certificate earned at the end of the courses is branded with the IBM logo and add weight to any data science-oriented resume.

  • Cloudera Certified Associate Data Analyst (CCA)

The CCA certification requires that candidates pass the CCA159 Data Analyst exam, which is a set of 8 to 12 performance-heavy tasks on the Cloudera Enterprise cluster. Each task is allotted 120 minutes and involves analysing a problem and coming up with a technical solution that covers all bases and is highly precise. The Data Analyst training course from Cloudera helps candidates prepare for this specific exam.

By successfully completing this exam, SQL developers will be able to demonstrate core competencies in Cloudera’s CDH setup through using Hive and Impala.


Data analytics allows industries to revolutionise their business operations and implement insights gained from sifting through previously unstructured big data. Data analysts with any of these certifications in their kitty can expect to rise to the top of the CV pile.

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