Things You Need to Know About CMA Certification 

A Certified Management Accountant or CMA is an accounting professional who performs financial decision-making. A CMA certification equips you with expert knowledge and skills to manage corporate finances. Apart from that, you can also prove your high-level skills in performing accounting tasks such as organizing, analyzing and summarizing financial data.

You can work as a CMA by helping corporations or governments in financial decision-making. Your responsibility is to do financial analysis and strategic financial planning for them. For instance, if a company is planning its expansion, it will hire you because of the financial skills that CMA certification instils in you.

CMAs are the best choice for managing finances when factors like taking on new liabilities and adding the number of employees are involved. These professionals are skilled at assessing the costs and benefits of new ventures. As an individual with CMA certification, you can also advise organizations on investment and risk management.

The average salary of an entry-level CMA in India is around 5-7 lakhs rupees per year. With the broad skill set that CMA certification offers, you can work as:

• Corporate accountant

• Private accountant

• Cost accountant

• Managerial accountant

• Industrial accountant

This article will discuss CMA certification, the benefits of CMA USA certification and the requirements for certification.

What is CMA certification?

The CMA certification refers to professional credentials provided by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The certification exam verifies your knowledge in areas such as corporate finance, accounting, business management etc. It equips you with strategic financial planning capabilities.

Whether you are looking for a new career path or a promotion, career advancement opportunities in the accounting management field are assured with CMA certification. Remember, CMA is the best choice if you are interested in pursuing strategic accounting management roles.

Let’s look at the benefits of CMA USA certification now.

Benefits of CMA USA Certification

High Salary

One of the crucial benefits of CMA USA certification is that it allows you to work in both Indian and international companies. This way, you can increase your earning potential. With a US CMA Course, you can ask for a better salary than your colleagues with a degree.

If your interest lies in the business side of finance and accounting, this is the best course for you. You can land high-paying jobs from the start. Your salary will range from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.7.5 lakhs per year.

Opportunity to Work Abroad

Amongst the biggest benefits of CMA US certification is the ability to be employed in foreign countries. Apart from India, you can work in countries like the US, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and different parts of Europe. If you plan on moving abroad and eventually expanding your career there, you will need a qualification that is accepted in your desired country. This is the exact reason behind the increase in the number of CMA USA certification applicants.

A Short Duration Course

The US CMA certification course comprises two parts, each of which has six modules. Each of these exams comes in the months of January-February, May-June and September-October. Overall, you will be able to complete the CMA USA certification course in 6-9 months' time. Thus, you can work as a management accountant within a year. This definitely looks like a great benefit of CMA USA certification.

Now that the 'benefits of CMA USA certification' is dealt with, let's see how you can become a CMA.

How to Become a Certified Management Accountant?


You should at least possess a Bachelor's Degree to become a CMA. Generally, the degree should be in accounting, finance or any commerce-related field. However, this is not always mandatory.

Some schools offer programs that specifically cater to the CMA career path. They also provide special courses to prepare for CMA exams.

To qualify for the CMA exam, you should have two or more years of working experience as an accountant. So, having a degree in accounting and finance will help you in earning the work experience you need.


IMA is the governing body for CMA certification and the following are the basic requirements for this certification:

  1. Earning a Bachelor's Degree

  2. Passing the CMA exam

  3. Minimum two years of work experience

  4. Earning annual Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to maintain certification

As discussed earlier, the CMA exam comprises 12 modules in total. The exam will be conducted in two parts. The first part deals with topics such as financial planning, performance, and analytics. The second part covers areas such as strategic financial management and ethics.

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