These 5 mindsets can improve your supply chain management career.

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Various industries, especially e-commerce, depend highly on supply chain management. As the world is transitioning from retail to online shopping, career prospects in supply chain management have risen. More millennials are looking forward to building their supply chain management career.

However, it is important to lay strong foundations to prosper in this field. We can go for certifications for supply chain professionals to gain the required knowledge. However, what’s equally important is to have a proper mindset to progress in our careers. What are these mindsets? What is the best certification for supply chain professionals? Let’s find out!

5 Mindsets for Improving Supply Chain Management Career

Following are the 5 mindsets that will help you prosper in your supply chain management career:

Striving for Continuous Improvement

best supply chain management and analytics training

There is always room for improvement, however small it may be. Therefore, we should always strive to improve our supply chain processes more efficiently and effectively. Adopting an open mindset and welcoming the changes is key to survival and growth. A mindset of continuous improvement also helps us become flexible to changes. In a simple sense, flexibility will help us avoid becoming too comfortable with the status quo. Certain circumstances are bound to crop up that will require us to change our plans. We can’t be rigid against changing circumstances.

Ability to Learn on the Job

While we can go for formal education to improve our knowledge about the industry and learn various strategies, we need to adopt the ability to learn on the job. While working, we will face new challenges that demand different strategies and actions. These challenges are also the catalyst for growth and learning.

Becoming a Team Player

There’s a saying, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. That’s where the team comes into the picture. We need to work in teams at any stage to make things happen. Therefore, it is important to become a team player. Enjoying being a part of the team and helping the team learn and improve is one of the biggest traits and most important to lead a team.

Ability to Leverage Technology

We must learn to harness new and evolving technologies. This is crucial if we want a future-proof supply chain management career. Technology is key to ensuring an efficient supply chain while reducing costs simultaneously. We need to adopt a technology-pro mindset and work on how we can use IT and analytics to best our advantage.

Understanding the Dynamics of Supply Chain

If we want to prosper in our supply chain management career, we must understand the dynamics of the supply chain. We need to learn how the supply chain works, its important components, the emerging technologies in this field, etc. The supply chain involves multiple factors. We need to take care of supply chain performance drivers and metrics. Further, one needs to coordinate with the demand and supply of services and products to design the supply chain distribution network.

How to Begin With a Supply Chain Management Career?

Supply chain management is a lucrative field. Before gaining practical experience, we must gain appropriate knowledge about the supply chain management field. We can kickstart our supply chain management career through formal learning or certification for supply chain professionals. This will help us gain an academic understanding of this field and practical experience. This will be of immense value when we face real-life challenges during our work life.

IIT Roorkee curated a Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management, and Analytics offered by Imarticus Learning that helps us build a future-proof career with a new-age supply chain management and analytics curriculum. The curriculum stretches through the following aspects of supply chain management:

Design Supply Chain distribution network

Drivers and metrics

Planning and Coordinating demand and supply

Sales and operations planning

Supply chain performance,

Determining the optimal level of product availability

Managing uncertainties in the supply chain

Along with the academic insights, we also learn from real-life industry projects that show us how the challenges are solved and strategies used by the big players in the industry. This includes the case studies of 7-Eleven as well as Alko.

IIT Roorkee Supply Chain Management Course also provides the opportunity for campus immersion whereby we can participate in a 3-day campus immersion module on the IIT Roorkee campus. We can interact with some smartest minds and learn from IIT faculty during the program. What could present a better opportunity to kickstart our career in supply chain management than an IIT certification for supply chain professionals? Get enrolled now with Imarticus Learning.

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