The skills you need to master to build a solid cybersecurity career

The skills you need to master to build a solid cybersecurity career

The job forecast in the cyber security domain is bright. The industries going through digitalisation. But it also increases the risks of online fraud, phishing, and hacking. Overall, it means the chances of exploitation of sensitive data are growing.

Those who can protect data from leaks and scams are superheroes in today's world. They protect data, programs, networks, and devices from cyber attacks. These superheroes are the cyber security warriors of our time. They have the skills, knowledge, and commitment needed to safeguard all categories of data. They protect it from breaches, theft, and data leakages.

Do you want to be a cyberwarrior? Do you want to transform the cybersecurity domain? Check out online cybersecurity courses. A Cybersecurity courses must cover fundamentals, tools, and skills.

In this blog, we discuss the training you need to build relevant skills. A good course can propel your career in the IT industry.

Building a career in cybersecurity

Recently, there's been a huge demand for cybersecurity experts. This has led to a skewed demand-supply ratio. It means that we have more job opportunities than qualified job seekers. So, if you want a job with good pay, cyber security is a good option.

The average industry compensation ranges between INR 15 lacs to INR 40 lakhs per annum. But you need to have specialist skills. This is where well-designed industry-relevant cybersecurity courses help you. It equips you with the necessary skills and an understanding of the industry and market challenges.

Cybersecurity specialists play a wide range of roles. This includes IT security analysts, cloud security analysts, penetration testers, network security engineers, etc.

Invest in building specialist skills

You need to build specialist skills to excel in a dynamic field like cyber security. You will need to give it ample time to learn and practice. The good news is that you don’t need to invest large sums of money or take time off from work. You don't have to attend a full-time program. Go for industry-approved cybersecurity online course. Imarticus Learning offers a six-month online information security analyst course. You can access on-demand online learning resources and instructor-led live sessions on weekends. This helps working professionals to continue their jobs. They can take classes and work on honing skills on weekends. This approach is soon going to be a trend in the future.

First, ensure that the course helps you master skills required in cyber security domains.

Networking Fundamentals

Operating System & Security

Information Security

Cloud Security

Ethical hacking

Application security

Social engineering

Web application security

Hacking Wireless networking

Data forensics and incident response

The IIT edge

A certificate from a prestigious institution helps your CV a lot. Especially when you need to learn specialist technical skills, a well-drafted course from IIT may boost your career by leaps. You get to learn from stalwarts and experienced faculty. This course collaborated with IIT Roorkee. It offers a cutting-edge curriculum which helps you learn cybersecurity from the best minds in the industry. Though courses are hosted virtually, learners attend an immersive learning module on campus. You get to engage with faculty and peers. This is a highly valuable experience, and you get exposure to the best practices in cyber security.

Benefit from live training

Cybercrime is a growing menace impacting many entities such as consumers, businesses, governments, non-profits, and health and educational institutes. Living training is extremely important in a cyber security field because the challenges one has to face are extremely unpredictable. Your preferred online information security analyst course must offer capstone projects to help you observe and perform in a live, dynamic environment. For instance, you could build a port scanner that scans a server or host for open ports. You will also use state-of-the-art cyber security tools such as BURPSUITE and AirCrack-Ing.

Learn as a community

A common mission connects cyber security professionals - to safeguard various entities they are responsible for. They tend to share best practices and learn together. Hence, the community is a strong aspect of new-age virtual cyber security programs. It encourages peer-to-peer discussions with mentors and faculty. This is a great opportunity to collaborate and mingle. But it also helps you nurture your network for the future.


The future is bright for aspiring cybersecurity experts. The key to success is to bring excellence and thoroughness to the job role, which comes with training and exposure to the latest tools, techniques, and best practices. To be eligible for premier cyber security courses, you need a Bachelor's/ Master’s degree in STEM. You must also have some exposure to basic programming knowledge.

To know about IIT Roorkee’s Advance Certification Program in Cybersecurity, contact us through chat support, or drive to our training centres in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Ahmedabad.

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