The insane demand for cybersecurity certification in 2022

What is Cybersecurity? 

In this age of increased usage of the internet, people have forgotten to draw a line or limit themselves. Everything is on the internet right from one’s banking details to confidential data. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and some people take advantage of the loopholes and vulnerabilities in the system. They are known as hackers. Some hackers can steal data and other important details like pictures, documents, and personal details from phones and computer systems.

To tackle these mischievous hackers, Cybersecurity has to step in. Cybersecurity is the term used for the application of technology to increase security and to protect systems, devices, and networks from hackers. Cybersecurity reduces the risk of data theft and protects systems from being illegally exploited by malicious hackers. 

A Cybersecurity expert has the responsibility of securing his organization's network and preventing a security breach. Organizations have private and confidential data on their networks and there is often a chance that a black hat hacker can penetrate through a weak link in the network.

A Cybersecurity expert is given authority by the organization to ethically hack into the network to find and fix any discrepancies. There are many Cybersecurity certifications online and individuals with an interest in the field can opt for a career in this field. 

The Need for Cybersecurity Workers 

Given the boom in technology, everything is moving online. Be it important data or information, everything is stored on the internet. With spies and hackers all over the internet, it is necessary to safeguard one’s data and network.

This is where Cybersecurity workers step in. Cybersecurity is in huge demand in government offices, defense, IT companies, etc., since all these organizations have sensitive data that is stored on their network. If the data is stolen by unauthorized people, it can be a threat to a large number of people. 

There is a huge demand for the role of Cybersecurity experts and this is a great career path for anyone who is proficient in IT and has a knack for different computer languages. One can become a certified ethical hacker. With newer technology and tools, hackers have found various ways to hack into systems and networks. Hence, there is a need for Cybersecurity experts in many organizations. 

According to reports, the need for Cybersecurity experts is 3 folds higher than any other job profile. It is a fast-growing role and there is a dearth of good experts in this field. The demand is higher than the number of qualified Cyber experts. Cybersecurity jobs are 13% of the entire IT industry and that is a big chunk compared to the various roles available in the field. Reputed institutions are offering certified Ethical hacker certification. The top job profiles in Cybersecurity are:

  • Risk Management- Risk management is a crucial position in the IT industry since it requires the expert to identify, analyze and evaluate the Cybersecurity threats to the organization.

  • Application development security- There is a huge demand for this Cybersecurity skill in the US and the demand is said to increase heavily by 2025. It is fast-growing and there are chances of a 164% increase in the vacancies for this role.

  • Cloud Security- With many operating systems relying on cloud computing systems for the storage of their data, there is a huge demand for Cybersecurity experts with Cloud Security skills. Cloud Security involves protecting the data and information stored online via Cloud computing from theft and leak. 

The Future of Cybersecurity Experts in the Industry 

With a surge in digitalization, criminals have come up with innovative ways to get their hands on sensitive and confidential information. Many organizations are facing a threat to their important data.

To ensure the safety of important data, there is going to be a heavy demand for Cybersecurity experts in various organizations. In the year 2022, close to 2 million job openings are available for qualified Cybersecurity professionals. 

Individuals who have a keen interest in this field can take up a PG Program in Cybersecurity from Imarticus Learning

With the increase in technology, hackers will find newer ways to steal data, and the only way to control this scenario would be to have more Cybersecurity experts. 

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