The impact of digital banking on institutional investment banking

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The impact of digital banking on institutional investment banking

The digital revolution is bringing about a transformational change in the world and investment banking is no different. Until a decade ago, an institutional investment banking firm was expected to be the only place where substantial research on markets and investment opportunities was available. Those seeking investors had to rely almost completely on investment banking firms for identifying and approaching investors.

Technology has dramatically changed the skill sets that an institutional investment banking firm is expected to have. By extension, this also means that the professionals working in this segment have to upskill themselves. Therefore, in order to be successful in your investment banking career, consider the following skills and upgradations.

Digital re-orientation in institutional investment banking

The executive working at an investment banking firm can empower himself by training himself to bring more resources to the job. For example, if you are working on a mandate to find an investor for a domestic company, you can showcase endless possibilities to your client by identifying investors in India as well as other countries.

This would definitely showcase the value to a client who would have a limited list of prospective investors already with him. The IPO cycle has also changed, and companies list faster, as well as go for listing abroad. In such a scenario, the expertise of institutional investment banking is still needed but the scope of work has changed. 

Relearning investment banking for the technology era

While it is possible to sporadically improve performance at the job by adopting oneself to video meetings, using information websites more often, and using investor portals suggested by colleagues, this mode of learning can be slow. What can bring confidence to you, is going through a well-researched curriculum that is developed to be relevant in the era of digital banking.

This means that those who undertake the course systematically study the new players that have emerged, the evolving range of investment banking services, managing global regulatory framework related to finance, automation, data science for financial professionals, aggregating platforms, and more. An intensive course should also include industry engagement. 

A key factor to bear in mind is to go for a learning course that has proven itself in the area of investment banking courses with placements. Also, an investment banking career is shaped by recognized certifications so that the market readily accepts the value you bring. 


An investment in learning will definitely impact the outcomes at your job. This is more so for investment bankers as they thrive on ideas. With lessons on digital transformation, disruptive platforms, automation, data science, analytics, and global finance, there is a possibility to unleash a thought leader in you. By going through a course, a working executive enjoys the advantage of educating himself about almost every change that is happening in their industry. Learning the fundamentals of how technology and digital banking function, can create both short-term and long-term advantages for all the participants. 

Imarticus Learning offers a course that has proven to be effective because of a successful placement record, and certifications, and you also get a chance to learn the fundamentals of not only digital transformation but also understand everything you need to know to have a successful investment banking career.

Learn more details about the course by contacting our chat support or driving to one of our centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurgaon

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