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Today’s world has rapidly become subject to the being benefited in the virtual world,  a lot of sectors either are already online, or have begun the process. The most long standing question of paying exorbitant rates for education was put to rest, when many institutes began to offer courses online.
Today, the debate of the superiority between classroom education and online education still persists, but with a major tilt towards online. Online courses are said to be cheaper in terms of the regular ones, they are more intensive and most of all, can be set up according to the pace of the student. There are many platforms today that structured programs like the Coursera or the EdX. Apart from these forerunners, there about hundreds of courses online, varying in their quality and method. This concept is steadily transitioning from a being a novelty to the mainstream, as a result of the many takers.
The field of finance is one field has forever been considered for seasoned intellectuals. It basically entails all the financial operations a government, a bank or a corporate company goes through. The basic educational qualifications required to enter into this field are, a background of economics, finance or commerce is required. But today, the trend of acquiring multiple degrees is in fashion. With this, many companies expect to hire professionals with C.V’s, that boast of multiple degrees. But then arises the problem of investing huge amounts of money and time into a course and getting not enough in return.
When it comes to financial courses, Imarticus Learning offers online courses for candidates, looking for a career in the field of finance and investment banking. Imarticus is a leading education institute, which has received numerous accolades for being a forerunner in terms of providing financial courses online. Courses here are designed specifically to make the students understand how the industry works in real time.
Few of the online courses that Imarticus offers are Certification in Capital Markets (CCM), Chartered Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Certified Financial Modeling and more. These courses are all short term programs and can be taken at the pace of the students. What sets this institute apart from the rest is that, all of these courses are instructor-led, have inclusive live webinars and more important, every student is guided by a mentor. All of these courses are priced at very affordable rates and are available on a 24*7 online portal, which the students can avail at any time.
The Certification in Capital Markets course also provides candidates with a globally recognized CISI certificate, which gives the students leverage over others. Another unique facility offered by Imarticus, in its online CFA program is the you pass, you pay policy. They offer the guarantee of equipping you with the relevant resources so as to crack the exam. All of these courses come with both interview and career guidance, so as to enable the students to posses the relevant practical knowledge and be industry ready.
Imarticus Learning is an award winning institute. We recently won the “Pride of Indian Education Award 2016" for 'Best Online Education Platform’ of the Year by Brands Impact.
We promise to deliver the best quality education and continue to help our students.
Quote from Imarticus Learning students:

I have recently completed CCM (Certification in Capital Market) at Imarticus Learning. This course was very good. Imarticus helped me increase my Knowledge in Investment Banking and I'm thankful to the Imarticus Team for their help and they have done a great job. I also recommend all of my friends to do this course from Imarticus Learning.- Sameer Shaikh, CCM.

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