The 6 Best Derivatives Market Twitter Accounts to Follow

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The 6 Best Derivatives Market Twitter Accounts to Follow

Online markets have become increasingly popular for trading stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange. It is a great way to get a cost-effective trading experience without needing costly commission fees or a local broker office. Technology has allowed investors to trade from their desks or laptops, offering multiple platforms for traders seeking different trading styles.

What are the benefits Advent of Technology has brought for derivative market users?

The development of technology has made it simple to trade effectively and invest in the market. It wasn't easy to manage accounts in the past, but now you can easily trade online. The advent of technology has also made it possible to track your investments and monitor them daily. This is because you can access your account from anywhere in the world, making it easy to monitor your investments.

Some Twitter Accounts to Follow for the Best Advice!

  • MoneyControl

The MoneyControl Twitter handle shares all financial news in real-time and is perhaps India's most complete financial portal. You stay informed with information while on the go, regardless of governmental policies, stock market ups and downs, and quarterly results announcements by listed companies. You can consume tweets more quickly if they are smaller and more frequent. Additionally, the handle offers helpful advice on how to enhance your professional life.

  • EconomicTimes

The No. 1 Business Daily in India, EconomicTimes, provides the most up-to-date information and comprehensive coverage of politics, the economy, markets, technology, etc. They have more than 314K tweets and 2.92 million followers.

  • SafalNiveshak

This handle, created by financial experts Vishal Khandelwal and Anshul Khare, provides insightful advice for those looking to become better investors. They tweet from various sources in addition to their blog posts. 

Since humor is a big part of what they tweet daily, you can count on giggling a few times a day when you see their tweets on your timeline. This handle skillfully addresses the difficulties faced by small investors and empowers them to grow in financial and life wisdom.

  • Forbes_india

In collaboration with Forbes, this Twitter handle offers the best discussions on Indian and global business. Journalists run the Twitter account with over 34.2K tweets and more than 1.08M followers.

  • Sanjay Bakshi

At the Management Development Institute in Gurgaon, Sanjay Bakshi teaches Behavioral Finance and Business Valuation as an adjunct professor. Financial management is primarily about improving how we manage our behaviour and emotions, so it is a powerful topic. He also gives talks on the subject in other countries. 

  • Investopedia

It is a website that offers prospective investors free learning resources and educational tools. There are approximately 12.9K tweets and more than 104K followers.

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