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Data analytics is one of the most happening careers these days. According to multiple surveys, graduates and postgraduates seek additional qualifications and jobs in this sector. The main reason is the handsome salary and great career prospects. Therefore, having data analyst training in today’s time can give you a significant advantage over others.

However, interest in this field alone is not sufficient. As a data analyst aspirant, you need to study well and get certified by a premier institute. The best thing about getting an education from renowned institutes is that you get a solid foundation in data analysis. You know all the techniques required to extract information from it. Due to your strong grip on the fundamentals and experience of working on live projects and with industry experts, you stand out as a candidate.

In this regard, you can look at premier institutions like Imarticus Learning for PG in data analytics.

What do you get from the data analytics training from Imarticus Learning?

Apart from getting a strong foundation in the field of data analytics, you will also get a chance to build the core concepts in data processing. With this postgraduate program in data science and analytics, you will also get to understand the prevalent practices in the industry. Their teaching methodology has projects, which require a practical approach towards solving problems. That means you will work out problems in the ways professionals do in the real world. So you will be prepared beforehand with the skills that your employer expects from you after a year of being on the job. So, you can sail through the training time and get down to the game immediately after joining. That also means you can perform better and get a quicker promotion.

With that being said, Imarticus Learning also provides you with a data analytics course with placement in the top companies of the world. The hiring partners of Imarticus are industry leaders and offer a great experience for beginners. They get a chance to learn new things like handling a project in a team, taking responsibility as a professional, etc. This way, you can build up leadership skills and can also guide your colleagues in testing times. Resultantly, you build a great reputation as an employee, which further reflects on your career progress.

The top companies where you will get placed via Imarticus Learning


Capgemini helps other client companies process tons of data to help the enterprise grow its revenue. They also help to improve the value chains by transforming the operations by providing the necessary insights with the help of AI and ML, giving them the edge over the other competitors. So they hire many data analysts who need to deliver data-powered solutions for these client companies.


The data analysts at RBS perform data analysis that involves the visualisation of data and mining the data for procuring the solutions and giving a predictive analysis for the problem. The data analysts also need to provide data-based warehousing along with extraction, collection and cleaning of data. As a data analyst, you need to know Tableau, Power BI and SQL data modelling, along with great storytelling abilities, to deliver a presentation to the stakeholder and team leaders. You also need to know how to make ETL packages for regulatory reporting in the company. 


HSBC being a banking organisation, requires data analysts for financial analysis roles. It requires a lot of data analysts who can help them improve the quantity of data delivered, maintaining the same standards they have set for financial reporting. As a data analyst, you are expected to know the programming languages that are used in data analysis, and these include SAS, SQL, and Python as compulsory languages. The data analyst also knows how to build dashboards so that they can give the stakeholders a clearer view of what insights can be generated for the data. The environment at HSBC is quite fast-paced, so the data science aspirant should be able to show dynamism on the job and also be able to deliver end-to-end individual projects.  


The data analysts at KPMG are armed with all the high-quality data analysis techniques to acquire data from primary/secondary sources. Then they need to understand the warehousing of data to store and maintain the large client databases. They also need to identify, analyse and interpret new trends from the complex data sets improving the target operations.

To sum up, completing the data analyst training from Imarticus Learning offers you the foundation you need to begin your career in this domain. The course, with its updated curriculum, live projects, experienced faculties and placement assistance, ensures that you fulfil your dream of becoming a data analyst without any hiccups.

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