Coding Resources for Getting Started with Your Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

Nowadays, AI and Machine Learning courses have become quite popular among computer science enthusiasts. Besides the traditional employment opportunities, completing these courses have opened up new opportunities for them. 

However, the question is, where to get this certification from? Well, to help you in this quest and find the right answer, here are some artificial intelligence and machine learning courses that you can start your journey with.

Coding resources to get started with AI and ML course

  • CS50 Harvard: Introduction to AI with Python

CS50 is a public course which has been taught by David Malan. Since David is a Harvard-based professor of Computer Science, the course contains all the resources and the teaching style of Harvard. And this is a big plus for students. Being the largest course in both Harvard’s MOOC resources and on the online education platform, edX, the course has millions of followers.


This AI and Machine Learning course comprise the basics of AI and ML, like Graph Search Algorithms, Reinforcement Learning, Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks and other concepts. What’s best about this course is that it is taught in an interesting way and an easy language so that beginners can also pick on the complex concepts and jargon in a super easy manner. The auditing classes are free of cost, and it is also one of the most considerable online resources for AI and ML.

  • Google’s machine learning crash course

This ML course by Google has been coupled with the TensorFlow APIs course. This course is equally beneficial for beginners and those with previous experience in programming and mathematics. The course contains lectures on video, practical exercises and real-world case studies. Within a week or two, you will be able to understand how to program ML algorithms.

  • Purdue University and IBM’s AI and machine learning courses

In collaboration with IBM, Purdue University has developed this course for advanced learners who have a basic understanding of AI and ML. It covers concepts like basic ML algorithms and techniques, reinforcement learning, NLP, neural networks and how to utilise tools like Amazon Sagemaker, Python, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenAI gym, Alexa and other popular frameworks and libraries.

As students, you will also be given live guidance sessions by faculty from Purdue or industry experts from IBM. The faculty is internationally recognized and has industrial experience in AI and ML. The best feature of this artificial intelligence and machine learning course is that you can participate in the exclusive IBM hackathons. You will also get to work on capstone projects with industrial datasets from companies like Mercedes-Benz, Twitter and Uber. To be enrolled in this course, you need to have basic knowledge of programming and mathematics. If you have work experience, then you would have the edge over others to get approved for this course.

  • AI and Machine Learning Course from

If you are looking for a free course to sample what is in store in AI and ML, then this is the best one on AI and ML available online. It is a must for those who have prior coding experiences in life. But still, it is recommended that just like the other courses, it would be beneficial if you had some programming knowledge in Python and some basics in mathematics. This course would give you a walkthrough via the beginning steps, helping you qualify for an intermediate level of understanding. From that, you would be prepared to go to the next step or the advanced level in AI and ML.

  • AI and ML course from Imarticus Learning and E&ICT, IIT Guwahati

This is a prestigious IIT AI ML course, and the faculty is also one of the best in the country. You will get to learn about basic Python programming concepts. From that, you will graduate level by level, taking you from the easy to the most complex concepts in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is by far the most reliable course on this list.  

Not only that, you will receive training from industry-grade projects. Then you will also get placement assistance alongside mentorship on various aspects like how you should approach problems and how you should build your portfolio as an AI and ML engineer. It is a good and valuable AI and ML course offered by Imarticus Learning and IIT Guwahati.

To sum up, as the demand for AI and ML increases in the coming years, the demand for capable professionals will also be sore. So, if you can complete an artificial intelligence and machine learning course from any reputed institute and learn how to develop programs, it will help you reach the top of the field without any hassle. Hopefully, this write-up has offered you some insights on the courses to start your journey with. So, get enrolled to create your success story. 

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