Tableau Explained- A tool or software?

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Data is generated by people through the usage of various technologies. It ranges to more than 2.5 quintillion bytes every day. However, organisations cannot enjoy the data in its raw form. It needs to be organised to gather hidden patterns and meaningful data insights.

For such needs, companies use products from software companies such as Tableau. The products help in the optimisation of business processes through visualisations and data analysis. Let us start with understanding what is Tableau’s meaning.

Meaning of Tableau

Tableau is a software company that deals with providing visual analytics platforms. These platforms allow organisations to transform the way that they use data. They amplify the use of business intelligence through visuals. This enhances the use of the data available and allows companies to solve business problems.

The platform is in demand as it even enables non-technical users to design customized dashboards. The easily understandable data format created by Tableau is for professionals at any level in an organization. However, what is imperative to understand is whether it is a tool or software. Let's dive into the details to know.

Tableau Software

Software is a program that is used to execute a specific task on computers. Similarly, Tableau as a software facilitates the visualisation of data. This allows data analysis to be quick with the help of data generated in the form of dashboards and worksheets. Tableau can be considered as software as it operates in virtualized environments. This environment requires proper underlying hardware and operating system.

Big Data Analytics Training Courses

Once the set-up is on, Tableau tools can be used to gather business intelligence. The software provides the benefits of data blending or combining data from multiple sources. It also provides the benefit of real-time analysis and collaboration of data. These data then provide actionable insights to the company. The visual data generated from Tableau software facilitates decision-making. This, in turn, drives the business forward.

Now let’s understand the Tableau tool.

Tableau tool

With Tableau software, the product suite or tools can be classified under two broad headings. These are:

  1. Developer Tools

Developer Tableau tools help to create a chart, reports, dashboards, and data visualization. Among the product suite from the Tableau software that can be categorized as Tableau tools, are Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop.

  1. Sharing Tools

These Tableau tools are designed to facilitate sharing of documents. These include various charts, reports, dashboards, and data visualization created. Tools such as Tableau Server, Online, and Reader fall into this category.

With the knowledge of Tableau meaning, let's understand why Tableau software or tool is important in creating a career in analytics.

Importance of knowledge of Tableau for data scientists

With the knowledge of Tableau, you would be able to conduct the following tasks:

  • Create visualisations
  • Design dashboards
  • Manage big data
  • Identify patterns and devise meaningful insights
  • Manage Tableau Server
  • Improve performance by twisting SQL queries
  • Examine and resolve glitches in business processes
  • Make the business processes smooth

Final Thoughts

All in all, it can be said that Tableau is an interactive visual analytics platform. This comprises the features of the software as well as tools. Together the products offered by the firm help in the visualisation of data, in-depth insight, and a user-friendly approach. Learners can quickly be trained in the usage of this platform and work towards gathering business intelligence. Specifically, from disparate data sources. If you want to succeed in a career with the knowledge of smart platforms like Tableau, we have just the course in mind.

Qualification, as provided by The Postgraduate Program In Data Science And Analytics, prepares you to be versed with data visualisation tools like Tableau and others. This job interview guarantee program is designed for a data science and analytics career. The job interview specific curriculum has Tableau topics including establishing data connections and Working with Metadata. It will also introduce you to the interface of Tableau and basic chart types. In addition, the course covers Tableau software and Tableau tools. You will also be introduced to Mapping, Dashboard and Stories, and Calculations on Tableau software.

To answer why the course with Imarticus, because we offer one of a kind integrated learning experience. With each core module in the Program In Data Science And Analytics, we offer an evaluation of your performance. We have dedicated project mentors that make your learning optimal.

Your learning journey is designed to go through stages of foundation learning to excellence. In addition, we provide opportunities for preplacement assessment, capstone projects, hackathons, and project experience. Lastly, there is a placement drive on completion of the program that prepares you for the role of data scientist, business intelligence specialist, and analytics manager among others.

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