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Effective communication is critical for any CFO to thrive in today's corporate climate. The ability to effectively explain complicated financial information to a wide variety of stakeholders, including board members, investors, and other important decision-makers, is a requirement for the position of CFO.

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In this blog, we'll explore strategies to help you improve your communication skills as a CFO.

10 effective CFO communication tactics

The strategies a CFO can use for efficient communication are as follows:

  • Develop a communication plan

The first step to good communication is identifying key stakeholders and considering their preferences and expectations. Determine the frequency and format of communication. Set clear objectives and goals for each communication. 

Create a communication schedule outlining when and how to communicate with each stakeholder. Regular evaluation of the plan's effectiveness and adjustments made as needed will ensure that the plan meets stakeholders' needs and effectively communicates financial information.

  • Using visualisation tools

Identifying the key message and simplifying data are important in choosing the right tool. Different types of charts and graphs, such as line charts, bar graphs, pie charts, and heat maps, can be used to represent the data. Notably, data visualisation tools help communicate the message in a comprehensible manner.

  • Storytelling format

The first step in employing storytelling techniques is to define the primary point you want to convey and use simple, lucid language. 

Additionally, you may make your thesis and financial data more accessible by using real-life examples. Adding visuals to your tale, such as photos or videos, helps strengthen it and make it more interesting. Practising narration beforehand guarantees that your tale flows naturally and is appropriately conveyed. 

CFOs may successfully share financial information with stakeholders in a way that connects with them and motivates action by employing storytelling tactics.

  • Listen actively

CFOs can employ active listening as a crucial ability to enhance communication with stakeholders. 

Pay attention to stakeholders and their message, demonstrate interest by asking questions, and offer feedback. Avoid interrupting a stakeholder and wait for him/her to complete speaking before answering. CFOs can also actively listen by empathising with stakeholders’ worries and summarising their message. 

Comprehend stakeholder issues, enhance communication, and foster an open and collaborative culture using active listening techniques.

  • Being accessible

Accessibility is an important factor for effective communication. It allows stakeholders to choose the most convenient method for them, and prompt responses to inquiries demonstrate commitment to addressing their concerns. 

Additionally, accessibility allows stakeholders to ask follow-up questions and seek clarification on financial information. 

By being accessible, CFOs can improve communication with stakeholders, foster trust, and promote transparency, leading to better decision-making and business outcomes.

  • Seek feedback

Seeking feedback is an essential strategy for CFOs to improve communication with stakeholders. It helps build trust and identify areas where CFOs can improve their communication strategy. It establishes a culture of openness and collaboration where stakeholders feel heard and valued. By seeking feedback, CFOs can continually improve their communication skills and ensure they are meeting the needs of their stakeholders.

  • Audience specific communication

For CFOs to effectively engage with various stakeholders, communication must be tailored to the audience. While more financially savvy stakeholders may benefit from technical and elaborate language and charts, non-financial stakeholders may benefit from straightforward, non-technical language and basic, easy-to-understand examples. This can increase comprehension, foster trust, and encourage wiser choices.

  • Being transparent

An essential component of CFO's effective communication is transparency. Give simple and precise financial information, outline potential risks or uncertainties, and avoid misunderstandings or apprehension. 

Transparency helps CFOs establish themselves as reliable consultants and create enduring bonds.

  • Continual learning

As a CFO, better communication requires constant learning. It includes participating in seminars or training sessions, asking stakeholders for comments, and developing new technologies and solutions to improve communication. It enables them to be informed about current communication methods and trends, helping them to interact more successfully. 

Continuous learning also enables CFOs to develop soft skills like persuasion, active listening, and empathy. These abilities help CFOs connect with stakeholders more deeply. 

  • Embrace technology

Technology is a potent tool to improve communication. Utilise it to speak with stakeholders through online collaboration tools, video conferencing, and e-mails. Additionally, it helps automate common communication procedures, such as financial reporting and makes data visualisation easier. 


Applying the suggested tactics can enhance communication with stakeholders and lead to improved business outcomes. Effective communication is crucial for CFOs to thrive in their responsibilities.

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