SMM Blueprint: The Complete Social Media Marketing Course

SMM Blueprint: The Complete Social Media Marketing Course

Social marketing aims to create and integrate marketing concepts with social media strategies to persuade people to act in ways that are advantageous to themselves, their communities and society as a whole.

Currently, a variety of social media marketing tools are available to aid in the expansion of firms. You can succeed in your social media marketing skills with the help of social media platforms.

A social media marketing course will assist you in achieving success whether you want to establish your brand or expand your business. The IIT Roorkee Advanced Digital Marketing and MarTech course aims to integrate research, best practice theory, audience partnership intelligence and the latest technologies.

What is Social Media Marketing or SMM?

The practice of advertising a business's goods and services using social media platforms and networks is known as social media marketing. Building your brand, interacting with your audience, boosting sales and generating website traffic are all its benefits. It consists of tasks like publishing text and image updates, videos and other forms of material that increase audience engagement. Increasing brand visibility is its main purpose.

Features of a Social Media Marketing Blueprint

  • Tools for marketing on social media are becoming more and more popular. Online and mobile technology both support social media marketing.
  • Today's businesses should all use social media marketing if they want to see results because it is a potent kind of online promotion.
  • Managing social networks also makes use of social media marketing technologies. A social media marketing strategy can help you relate to your target audiences, and they can make your ads and social media posts in their language to connect with potential customers.
  • You can communicate with your clients to offer appropriate solutions by using your social media sites as a good communication channel through social media marketing. You must enrol in a social media marketing course to accomplish that.
  • Social media platforms can play a key role in garnering social media users’ attention, and they can drive more traffic to your portal. Good communication with potential customers is required, and you need to hire a full-time social media marketing agency for the same.

What is Digital Marketing?

The definition of digital marketing is the use of digital platforms to advertise a good or service. This strategy aims to interact with clients online, where they typically spend the most time looking for information or enjoyment. Social Media gives businesses a method to connect with customers wherever they may be. Every digital marketing campaign must start with the standard-bearer of your marketing objectives, thus a certification in digital marketing is the key.

Importance of Certification in Digital Marketing 

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You can develop your current abilities or pursue a social media marketing management career by enrolling in an IIT digital marketing course. A digital marketing program offered by IIT may provide the ongoing guidance that an organization's online marketing operations need. The following characteristics of a successful digital marketing plan must be met for the success of your company: 

  • Give the actions of digital marketing their current direction.
  • Entail the decision-making process for the strategic options that will be used to accomplish digital marketing goals and provide a lasting, distinct competitive advantage.
  • By posting compelling content on social media, interacting with your followers, evaluating the outcomes, etc., you may advance in all of this. Currently, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other popular social media platforms are widely used.

It is quite beneficial to complete an IIT digital marketing course because certain social media marketing techniques are needed to be learned for making your business or company stand out from the competition. Take a digital marketing course at Imarticus if you're considering pursuing a career as a social media marketing manager or executive.

Objectives of Digital Marketing 

An effective digital marketing approach is one way to ensure that people can find you online. The following five goals are common in most digital marketing strategies and campaigns:

  • To reach the right audience 
  • To captivate your audience
  • Persuade your audience to act
  • Effective use of your campaign's budget
  • Investment return (ROI)

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Targeted outcomes are delivered
  • Improved income generation
  • Lower marketing and advertising expenses
  • Greater brand recognition
  • Conveniently offers more accurate performance analysis and measurement

Salary of a Social Media Marketing Manager

The average yearly pay for a social media marketing manager in India is ₹4.8 lakh, with salaries ranging from ₹1 lakh to ₹15.6 lakh. Nearly ₹35,957 to ₹37,183 is the expected monthly take-home pay.


It is essential to use a social media marketing strategy to spread the word about your company's identity, inform clients about your products and services, and learn what they think of your enterprise. Additionally, it draws in new clients and facilitates the development of closer ties with current ones.

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