Top 5 Trending Jobs In The Data Science Industry

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Top 5 Trending Jobs In The Data Science Industry

These days, data is the economic fuel. Almost every sector is leveraging data to boost business performance. Data science is the most appealing job profile, with several data science employment options in recent years. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, data science skills will fuel a 28 percent increase in employment through 2026. There is a significant need for qualified data professionals, but there is also a scarcity of skilled data scientists and associated professions.

This post discusses data science career options and the best job profiles in the field. We have discussed the job descriptions and the abilities necessary for those occupations. Let's get started.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are in charge of various duties, including data visualization and processing. They must run queries on the databases regularly. 

Optimization is a critical ability for a data analyst. This is because they must develop and tweak algorithms that you can utilize to extract data from the world's largest databases without altering the data.

Their key responsibilities include the following:

  • Data collection
  • Preparation of data for analysis (sampling, cleaning, classification)
  • Look for patterns in data sets.
  • The use of data visualization to show results
  • Create hypotheses to increase specific business KPIs by changing other variables.

Data Engineer

These individuals collect and process data that data scientists and analysts later use. Data engineers oversee database infrastructures, automate retrieval and cleanup operations, and create maintenance algorithms. They make analyzing and interpreting data more effective, safe, and helpful. 

Their primary responsibilities are –

  • Data collection
  • Determine methods to increase data dependability, efficiency, and quality.
  • Use advanced analytics, machine learning, and statistical methodologies.
  • You should prepare data for predictive and prescriptive models.
  • Using data, discover hidden patterns.

Data Architect

A data architect creates and constructs platforms for big data processing to turn data into information that you can use to make business decisions. 

Database Administrator

A database administrator's job description is reasonably self-explanatory. They are responsible for the correct operation of all of an enterprise's databases and provide or revoke its services to its personnel based on their needs. They are in charge of database backups and recovery.

Data Scientist

Data scientists must understand business concerns and provide the best solutions through data analysis and processing. For example, they get expected to execute predictive analysis and sift through "unstructured/disorganized" data to provide actionable insights. They can also do so by recognizing trends and patterns that will assist businesses in making better judgments.

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