Roles of a Research Analyst in India

A credit research analyst is a person who is responsible for reviewing a considerable amount of data related to finance from banks or corporate sector for determining whether the client (companies or other loan seekers) are suitable to be lent the money or not. So, whenever a company or a firm seeks a loan from a bank, the credit research analyst employed by the bank will be responsible for examining whether any risks are involved in lending money to the client or not. The credit analyst also needs to explore and determine whether the recovering the sum from the party will be possible or not.

A credit analyst’s job description concern with quantitative aspect mainly and thus proficiency in advanced statistics and mathematical modelling skills are a must. Having ability in Accounting is critical too as managing complicated and risky portfolios which involve fixed income variables also come under the scope of a credit analyst. The credit analyst gathers all kinds of financial data related to the party seeking the loan and then analyses them to recommend the best course of action for the client.

To be a credit research analyst course in India, one needs a comprehensive knowledge and training in programming skills and topics related to Accounting and Finance. For this purpose, one can pursue certification in CCRA to become a certified credit analyst in India. A CCRA certification comes handy if you are looking to further your career in the field and seek a higher position and salary. Companies hiring for high-level risk analysts demand the certification nowadays everywhere in the country.

The job of credit analysis provides exposure to a large variety of organisations and industries including SMEs, MNCs, and partnership firms along with other banks. This aspect makes the credit analyst as one of the most vibrant career opportunity in the field of finance in the country. The credit research analyst first initiates an interaction with the client in pursuit of a loan for information.

Then, he/she have to analyse the gathered data and then conduct a background check into the records of the company along with the industry the company/client caters to. The analyst will then inquire the client about the reason of seeking the loan, the plan for the operation, the funding options, the rationale behind the program and the challenges that may arise during the project and how the company plans to address them.

In the words of Apporv Jain, a credit research analyst in a leading MNC in Mumbai, “There are vast opportunities in the field of a credit analysis in India as everyone seeking a loan, be it a small start-up or a substantial and famous MNC, have to undergo assessment before the bank approves their loan. A significant benefit of being a credit research analyst is that there is no shortage of an option for employers.

The analyst is not limited to work for a bank or a credit rating agency only but can also work for other companies offering products related to accounting and finance. So, a credit research analyst is liable to be employed by a retail store, an energy company, automobile manufacturer, utility, etc.

Another advantage of taking credit analyst as a career option is that it empowers a person to pursue more exciting career options in future such as portfolio manager, loan manager, investment banker and a trust manager.

Although the job and life of a credit analyst sound easy and lucrative, it is, in reality, a very hectic and stressful one. The decisions made by a person as a credit research analyst decides the interest rates at which an individual or an organisation will be provided with the loan at or whether a loan should be offered to the client or not and the amount which he/they will be provided as the loan amount. The role of credit analyst brings in enormous responsibilities and thus must not be taken lightly ever. Although it is a lucrative career option, it demands a lot of hard work and dedication.

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