Python for beginners – What is Python And Why Is It Used?

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Python for beginners – What is Python And Why Is It Used?

Python is arguably the most extensively used programming language in the world, which has so many applications and advantages. In this article, we will cover why Python is so popular and why it is used, even though there are multiple other programming languages, which are almost as versatile and powerful as this popular high-level language.

The Dutch programmer, Guido van Rossum started working on what would be later known as Python during the late 1980s. Python 2.0, the version that actually took off and made its place as one of the most important programming languages in computing history was later released in 2000 with multiple empowering features for programmers and developers.

Python 3.0 was released in 2008 with much better support and functions, which made this and the later revisions or versions of Python 3.0 the most popular and preferred installments of this interpreted language. 

Python is one of the most highly used languages due to it being quite friendly and easy to learn for amateur programmers and budding developers. Python can also be stated as one of the most accessible languages due to its simplified version of syntax and its simple approach through natural language.

Python for data science codes is easy to use and write, and future developers find it comfortable to learn this language. Hence, Python is extensively used in daily applications in various fields and it is executed rapidly as compared to other languages. 

What is Python?

Python is an open-source high-level programming language that was initially released as Python 0.9.0 in the year of 1991. Being created with the vision such that it is easy to read, it was truly a high-level interpreter language which was a blessing to computing and IT and could be used for all kinds of purposes. Python follows an object-focused process to assist coders to use simple and logical codes for various kinds of projects.

Python is highly appreciated due to its code readability and it allows developers to take a simple yet capable approach to work on various projects. Python is a truly high-level language as developers truly prefer Python and a huge variety of complex programs are written with the help of this popular programming language. Python is highly preferred in the fields of data science as it helps developers create data models and environments for processing and working with data or advanced analytics.

Why is Python used?

Python was written in C, which with the initial default implementation known as CPython. Python is an interpreted language and like how interpreters function, when a program is written with Python, the source code is converted into an intermediate language, which in turn converts the result into the native language of the system where the program will be run.

Interpreters are computer programs, which directly execute what is written with the help of programming languages. Interpreters like Python don’t require to be compiled into a machine language before being run or executed. Interpreted languages like Python fundamentally use a few processing models for running programs or scripts:

  • Python parses the source codes and performs its behavior without any indirect approach.
  • Python translates source codes into very effective intermediate language conversions, which assist in the immediate executions of scripts.
  • Python efficiently stores precompiled codes and scripts created by compilers inside interpreter systems. 

Python is preferred by budding developers and students due to it being extensively used in mainstream applications and development. It is open-source and is easy to learn, and thus, it is a great idea to invest some time and resources into this highly used programming language. It is highly in demand and individuals skilled in Python or having expertise in this interpreted language are always required by organizations and companies.

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