Data Scientists Are in Great Demand And Are At The forefront of The AI revolution.

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Data scientists are in great demand due to the value they offer to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With the advent of automation and the increased focus on Artificial Intelligence, organizations and corporations are looking for skilled human assets who have expertise in this field.

In this article, we will cover how a Prodegree in Data Science from Imarticus can help a budding data scientist advance further in the field of AI and Machine Learning. Budding data scientists can utilize an extensive data science course like Prodegree by Imarticus to gain the necessary skills and knowledge that is needed to work with valuable projects and organizations.

Data Science CoursesWhat is Data Science?

Data science is a specialized field of computing and working with data, which promotes data-centric or data-backed business and IT solutions. Data science consists of fundamental methods, tools, and algorithms that use data analytics, data mining, sourcing data, creation of models to work with data, and the execution of IT processes or data models to provide business solutions or attain insights.

Data Science also powers analytical methods which allow individuals to use business analytics and predictive analytics to come to resolutions from the generated insights. Data scientists are also responsible for the process of importing data from various sources and cleaning the data to allow this data free of noise to be used in various applications.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines or systems, which allow them to take actions based on historical data and through learning on their own without any interference from humans. Artificial Intelligence uses Data Science and Machine Learning to create complex systems, which emulate how human intelligence works and responds to scenarios. Artificial Intelligence promotes automation and supports the idea of machines doing the work autonomously without any human intervention or biases.

This empowers a lot of platforms, machines, and services to provide automated services that save money for companies and allows us to give less effort by relying on rapid and efficient action taken by AI. 

For instance, AI is helping industries and factories by automating a lot of production and helping operations with AI-assisted analytics and suggestions. AI is highly appreciated even in the fields of marketing, advertising, finance, and business by making predictions to support companies in making data-backed business decisions. 

What is a Prodegree from Imarticus?

The AI and Machine Learning centric Data science Prodegree is designed by experts from this field to help future data scientists learn important data science concepts like Machine Learning and data mining, or algorithms and tools to assist in the process of building efficient models to gain valuable business insights and predictions backed by data.

The Data Science courses also offer various modules on business analytics and predictive analytics to provide analytical expertise to students. This kind of a planned data science course encourages individuals to get into this highly valuable field and learn the fundamentals required to build a great future centered on data science and AI.

A Prodegree from Imarticus helps budding developers and data scientists bag valuable job roles offered by reputed organizations like KPMG, Genpact, Infosys, and TCS.  

Data Science Certification CoursesThis course contains real projects, which will allow students to gain hands-on experience to tackle IT challenges and business problems. With this kind of well-planned course and study modules, one can truly get ahead in his or her career and discover new prospects. 


Working with AI is fun and interesting as well, and Imarticus is a great learning hub that promotes advanced data science and involves enrolled students in real-world AI projects. This further contributes to their skill development and exposure to this highly interesting field. AI has huge potential and a great future ahead, and this well-orchestrated course can certainly help in building your career in this field. 

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