Learning data science and machine learning from IIT Roorkee is an experience

Big Data analytics and Machine Learning Courses in India

Learning data science and machine learning from IIT Roorkee is an experience

Data science and machine learning are two important tools used in a steadily growing global IT industry. Their usage lies in how one uses data to innovate, improve and even create new products, services and other infrastructural practices to ease work in various industries. 

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At a time when data management is key can be the perfect time to venture into a career in data science. With high demand and comparatively less supply of labour in the coming years, the data science field yields high salaries and diverse growth opportunities. Read on to learn data science and machine learning and how they can improve and expand career growth. 

What is Data Science?

Data science is a field used to extract unstructured data and make it of use, using a series of programming languages, algorithms and analyses. This meaningful data is then used to improve and innovate any product or service/s that maximises business profits and builds better than their previous services.  

Skills needed

Pursuing a career in data science includes a few prerequisites. If you are interested, here are some of the skills needed in data science and machine learning careers that provide an edge in the competition: 

  • In-depth knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java and C++
  • Fluency in mathematics, statistics and data interpretation skills
  • Comfort in working with a huge amount of unstructured data
  • Skills in converting structured data into audiovisual representations
  • Knowledge of machine learning models and algorithms used 
  • Communication skills to present the data findings to stakeholders

Career paths

Here are some of the best career paths you can pursue after a certification course in data science

Data scientist

Their job is to organise unstructured data and present the findings to stakeholders. The data should simultaneously improve and encourage positive benefits in the organisation. 

Data analyst

Data analysts are focused on the cleaning and sorting of data and proceed to analyses. 

Data engineer

The job of a data engineer is to build usable systems and models through which data scientists and analysts can receive proper data information rather than unorganised raw data. 

Role of Machine Learning in Data Science

Machine learning is a data-driven field in the broader field of data science. Machine learning uses previous user data and uses certain algorithms to interpret the data. This is used to improve products/services in an organisation. ML models are often trained and their improvement is used to feed into the machines without manual intervention. 

How is Machine Learning useful to a data scientist?

Machine learning in data science fields is the newest and least time-consuming way to structure and organise company data into positive usage. The amount of data is steadily growing and the need of the hour is quick analysis. Manual or conventional systems are running out of fashion and benefits, which is where machine learning always comes in handy with its constantly updating technologies. Perfect-quality and accurate results are a win in today’s competitive IT industry, hence knowing the applications of ML is necessary for a data scientist and their progress. 

Adding a degree to skill: Career in Data Science 

To smoothen your career in data science, have a look at the certification course in Data Science and Machine Learning, created with iHub DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee, by Imarticus. The course is designed to teach candidates the basics of data science and machine learning coupled with their applications in the industry. Taught by acclaimed IIT faculty, inclusive of capstone projects, career guidance and campus immersion scopes, the 5-month long course will provide an aspirant insight into the diverse job prospects in the data science industry. Book your seats now to learn more.

If your focus is set on a career in data science, this course is the right fit for you. As nearly all organisations, global and local, shift to financial technology and internet-based services, data management becomes the need of the day. Hence, data science careers are set to flourish, and you can be a part of this growth.

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