Learn the fundamentals of financial markets and earn a certification from IIM

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Learn the fundamentals of financial markets and earn a certification from IIM

Do you want to hone your financial market skills? Do you want to develop your abilities and career portfolio? Are you looking to start a career in Financial Market? Then our Financial Markets Training course is perfect for you.

Our Financial Markets Training offers in-depth knowledge about major components of finances. For example, investment banking, capital markets, fintech, etc. You can boost your career in finance IIM. It is an industry-recognised course.


There is an ongoing paradigm shift in industries. This has affected globally. With the rise of new domains, technologies and approaches, there has been a steep demand for certain job roles. One of them is the finance industry. The FinTech industry is changing rapidly. This has pushed the sector to grow and expand beyond norms. Therefore, the demand for financial specialists has spiked. But the current industry needs pupils with more than basic and traditional finance education.

Each brand needs qualified financial specialists. These people help your cash flow while diversifying your profits into investments. The job roles demand more than a game of numbers. So, the opportunities for a Financial Specialist are ever-growing. Graduates with Financial Markets Certification from IIM get better job offers from renowned brands. We can say that these jobs are pillars of a company's growth. Yes! That's how important your position can be with the right course on the path.

When we talk about courses, we need to talk about colleges first. Let's be honest with ourselves. A course from a reputed college boosts our career more than a simple course without recognition. One of them is IIM which is a prestigious college. This chain of schools has been known to give us stalwarts and leaders of tomorrow. So, a Certification of financial markets course offered by IIM is a cherry on top during job searches.

You can choose any field of your choice. It is because every organisation needs an FA. For example, equities research companies, government, NGOs, etc. You need to learn a lot of new skills. One of them is Financial modelling. Enrol now on a good Financial Markets Training course.

Course Overview

In our Financial Markets Training, learn the principles of financial analysis. The course also includes compliance and regulation. It covers innovation, financial markets, asset value, and investment analysis. Our courses are crafted by industry experts and stalwarts, including masterclasses and live sessions. So, you get better insights about the industry during the course. Imarticus Learning has collaborated with the stalwarts of IIMs to develop this course. It's a short diploma course yet details all aspects of finances.

You get to study the fundamentals and dynamics of financial services markets.

Course Objectives

best capital markets course

The Executive Certificate in Financial Markets Training aims to help you be an expert with finances. From making investment choices to diversifying portfolios, you know the process better. Learn about current financial markets with modern tools and strategies. You get better analytical skills helping you anticipate any future mishaps. These are some components that help your brand study its current position. Your job is like a finance doctor to the company. Also, you can even choose the audit sections if interested.

The course overall helps you understand the major concepts of accounting & finance. At the end of the course, you should be able to make data-driven decisions.

A financial markets certification from IIM helps you analyse and manage financial resources effectively.

Course Eligibility

A candidate must fulfil the eligibility criteria to receive CFO Executive Training:

Bachelor's degree in STEM,

Preferable work experience of at least two years.

What knowledge will you gain?

This course offers you insights into various global financial markets. It also includes the practical expertise and skills necessary for a successful career in finance.

It also covers advanced components, such as portfolio fund management, mergers, acquisition, and advisory.

With the knowledge you get from Financial Markets Training, you know how strategic financial planning is crucial for business growth. After the completion, you are eligible to create and implement financial strategies to support your organisation's long-term goals.

This course material offers case studies and activity-based hands-on training to hone your skills.

Course Deliverables

Explore the ideas about banking and financial systems.

Discuss the workings of the markets and trading.

Threats in Banking and Financial Markets fields.

Learn how to study the systems. It helps to control and determine components to help achieve the outcome.

Course Benefits

The course covers basic concepts of the financial market. You get an understanding of the industry's various components and roles. It also covers trading in financial assets. This also includes stocks, bonds, securities, and currencies at the end of this module.


Successful graduates receive Financial Markets Certification From IIM. These certificates help you gain a competitive edge in your career. Imarticus Learning aims to offer courses that are industry-based and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Contact us through chat support, or drive to our training centres in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Ahmedabad.

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