How Business Analysts Can Identify and Reduce Sales Gaps?


Sales are worked for and don’t happen by chance. The marketing and sales departments need the sales funnel, the pipelines and effective strategy to translate them into currency. Your Business Analyst can help you grow your sales as these great marketers show you the way.

Why sales persons need a BA?

CEO Warren Kurzrock, of Porter Henry a sales-training consultancy says that salespersons don’t have enough time to track their activities, leads, and efforts. The solution lies in the statement of Aventri’s market strategy director John Kearney that you will be able to spot patterns and figure out why your leads turn into a loss, win or no go when you look through the data analysis lens and analyze performance. It helps you measure performance in terms of a lose-win ratio during the whole cycle of sales.

Motivation through effective reviews:

In the words of CEO Matthew Cook of SalesHub, it is the sales team's motivation that drives your bottom-line, productivity, and company culture. If this is true then BA can drive the levels of sales-adrenaline up through effective reviews to help conversions. Who needs better motivation?

The gap-analysis puzzle:

Consultant Catherine Yochum at ClearPoint stresses the need to extrapolate the present state to the future goal to understand the process and resources to scale them to the future. The first step to improve your sales process through analysis is to conduct a gap analysis. This is the process of reviewing your resources and processes and predicting how they will scale into the future. 

Chief Editor Aaron Orendorff of Shopify Plus advises a gap analysis of potential Vs performance could outstrip expectations. They turn businesses to finding the right factors of success rather than dealing with solutions to problems. That for you is a solution that can be scaled and extrapolated.

Solve the cold-leads issue:

B2B marketer Amanda Nielsen of New Breed Marketing specifies the solution lies in attaching weights to qualify leads potential into levels like 

  • Marketing-Qualified ones worth the investment
  • Sales-Qualified ones ready-to-reach
  • Worth-talking-to opportunities

Opportunities mean clients. And clients mean business and brand-ambassadors.

Copy-what-works strategy:

The whole purpose of BA is to find the winning strategy which reduces leads loss, generates better strategies and provides you with insights and training on why errors occur and how not to replicate them. A satisfied customer is akin to asset acquisition.

Empower your staff:

Motivation runs high when you can forecast efficiently and juggle the leads to improve the sales funnel through an effective strategy. BA provides your sales and marketing team with the tools to succeed. It shows them how to achieve and equips them with the required timely knowledge and strategy.

In conclusion, BA sets the pace, helps you with timely strategy, reviews, causes for failures and helps literally set the timetable for work. That’s as easy as it can make your job. One must, however, being in sales convert those leads with people-skills that only the human touch can add value to.

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