Job Opportunities in The Field of Artificial Intelligence in This Pandemic Time!

career scope in Artificial Intelligence

To become an Artificial Intelligence (AI) professional, you need to have practical problem-solving skills, logic, communication, and analytical skills. AI is made to create computer programs that can achieve goals and solve a problem better than humans. With lesser mistakes and emotions to hinder the work, AI gives better and jan efficient output.

The scope in AI is vast. You can get into robotics, gameplay, language detection, machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and many more.

Some of the factors that characterize a great career in AI are as follows:

  • Robotics
  • Use of sophisticated computer software
  • Automation

Math, technology, engineering, and logic are some of the specific fields that individuals have to specialize in if they are considering a job in this field.

Along with this, learning science including physics and computer studies is beneficial.  Considering the computational approach to AI, knowing the technical, as well as physiological knowledge of the system, is immensely helpful. Knowledge of primary machine language is a must. There are many other courses that you can do to get into the world of AI like, Machine learning.

Data Science Online CourseMany institutes like IIT provide machine learning courses, there are other institutes that provide these courses online and then there are certification courses that you can take up in private institutions.

Some of the career opportunities in AI

  • Robotic Scientist

Robots are gradually taking over the industrial worlds. There is lesser workforce and more robots. To help create such robots that can solve problems as a human would, we need engineers or programmers. For a career in Artificial Intelligence field, a master's in robotics engineering and having a license from the state can be of help.

  • Software Engineer

In every phone that is there in the market, there is an option for face recognition or finger print recognition. Many companies, including big businesses, security companies, casinos, etc. have face recognition and fingerprint recognition to understand the people who use their services. Hence being a software engineer is one of the opportunities here.

  • Game Programmer

To keep the players challenged and highly anticipated, every gaming company requires candidates that are well known with the basics of AI and can design games that can keep the players engaged and interested.

  • Search Engine Manager

Many big companies, like Google, pay a massive amount to candidates with an AI degree to manage their massive search engines. Many may search for various things on Google, but Google search is able to predict the search even when there are spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. This is done with the help of knowledge and the study of artificial intelligence.

  • Government Sector

There are jobs not just in the Private sector, but there is an intense need for candidates with a degree in AI in the government sector too. The pay is high, and along with that, the amenities provided are even better.


The scope of artificial intelligence is vast. Having a master's degree or a doctorate is the best if you are looking for a long term job in the field of AI.

The demand for people with knowledge of AI is strong. Companies like Google, Apple, etc. are always on the lookout for candidates who can take the world of AI to another level. The choices are plenty, and the income from working in such a field is high.

'Eve', a robot created by the scientist at the University of Manchester, Cambridge, discovered that a common ingredient found in toothpaste is capable of curing malaria. This event, itself, can show how much this field has grown, and the job possibilities are endless.

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