Is it Better to go for an MBA or for a Different Type of Master's

MBA in Fintech training

Given the present competition in the market, a master's degree would suit an aspirant to upscale themselves. It is one of the crucial determinants of a successful career.

You will often ask yourself what to do once you finish a graduation degree. There are many options to choose from. However, choosing a worthwhile master's degree would help you land senior-level job roles.

In this article, you will learn about whether you should go for an MBA degree or a different type of Master's degree or not. This article would help you to understand different branches of MBA like an MBA in Fintech, or other taking up other master's degree certifications that might perk up your career.

What is an MBA degree: Its coursework and job prospects

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To put it into simple words, an MBA degree is an advanced course focusing on high-level business leadership and management skills. Potential employers look for MBA candidates for job roles that include leadership and teamwork.

There are several advantages to taking up an MBA degree. One of them is solely to learn the skills from one of the brightest minds in the business which would help you get valuable insights about companies and the current market situations. An MBA degree is a transforming experience- both professionally as well as personally.

A typical MBA coursework differs from school to school, but the basics tend to remain the same. It is an amalgamation of core curriculum and elective courses. The core curriculum is as follows:

Students can also dive into details on the above topics in their specific elective courses. These are called MBA concentrations or specialisations. They include:
Business Analytics.
Healthcare management.

Doing an MBA offers you tons of job prospects. You can get jobs in top tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and other accounting companies like Ernest and Young and Deloitte. The average salary of an MBA in these companies roughly is Rs.88,300 per year.

What is MBA in financial technology: Its future in finance

MBA in financial technology holds great prospects for students in the future. It is an interdisciplinary programme focusing on manpower development and managing the organisation using technology incorporated in Fintech service industries. The programme is tailored for graduates who are keen to learn about Fintech, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

An MBA in Fintech offers a lucrative career opportunity for not only engineers but also mathematicians, physicists and also undergraduates in business and commerce. The subject not only provides the aspirants with knowledge about financial management but also teaches the students about hands-on banking and financial tools, business values and ethics, and having a strong technological competence for research aptitude.

Once a student finishes the MBA programme, they have hands-on experience in banking software, and financial analysis tools and can provide critical solutions in an organisation.

Fintech in banking and finance: Its significance and impact in the finance industry

Fintech or financial technology has revolutionised the delivery of financial services through the usage of new tech. Fintech is now being utilised by companies and business owners to manage their financial operations by incorporating the use of specialised software and algorithms.

Fintech in banking and finance is no longer an elaborate jargon. It is now the biggest proof of the digital revolution in the financial markets. Fintech in banking has impacted numerous applications like mobile payments, digital wallets and many more. Fintech changed the financial industry in the following ways:

Smart Chip Technology: The incorporation of Smart Chip Technology has taken a massive leap in the progress of Fintech in banking and finance. The Smart Chip Technology increases the security of customers' information since the code is valid for a single transaction.

Biometric Sensors: Biometric sensors are also one of the greatest achievements of Fintech. These sensors simply eliminate the need to carry your card or even remember your ATM pin.

Online Payments: Online payments have decreased the hassle of losing money. This has encouraged digital transformation immensely as it ensures the utmost customer safety. The entire transaction remains confidential to the customer and the banks providing them with social security.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence: Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence and chatbots have been one of the major components of the Fintech industry. These help in solving customers' problems quickly without any elaborative process. Furthermore, AIs also assist in tackling potential fraudulent transactions and ensure the customer's safety.

Questions to ask before choosing a postgraduate degree
Before you choose to take up a credible postgraduate degree, you should ask yourself these three questions for clarity. This would help you decide your next academic milestone for upgrading your career.

What are your career goals?
Your career goals are a major factor before you choose your postgraduate specialisation. Once you determine what are your long-term career goals, you can choose the ideal postgraduate programme. This should, however, align with the knacks and qualities that you might possess for this particular job role.

What are your expectations from the course?
The second influencing factor that would affect your future decisions is what you expect from this particular course. You have to figure out what you wish to accomplish from the degree you are choosing.

How much time would you be giving to this course?
Time management plays a crucial role in this case. Any postgraduate degree programme is a two-year course. You need to ask yourself carefully whether you are ready to commit to such a course given your academic or professional circumstances.

Be it an MBA degree or any other Master's degree, they both hold an important role in upscaling your career. Now that there are many opportunities open for taking up programmes online, one can easily enrol in one from the comfort of their home.

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