Is Commercial Banking a Good Career?

This question needs to be answered by you only, I can provide you insights and pros of this job but in the end, it is you who has to decide. Commercial banks are generally profit-oriented and if you are a commercial banker, you will have to deal with the clients regarding loans and depositions. If we look at the statistics the compound annual growth rate and the amount deposited per SBA have increased significantly over the years. More and more people are opening their bank accounts.

The government is also helping people to open bank accounts and the country is witnessing a shift from cash to cashless transactions. This field will grow as usual and if you are interested in a banking career then there will be chances for your growth too.

To become a successful commercial banker, you do not have to earn many degrees, what you need is a charismatic character so that people can trust you with their money. If you are dependable and likable, you are likely to grow in this field. You will find different types of jobs in commercial banking ranging from relationship manager to credit score generator.

You need to find out your interest, if you are good at statistics and computation, you would do better on a desk job with the computers but if you love to interact and have good communication skills, you can deal with people face to face. There are many banking firms who are currently looking for a commercial banker and they will always be looking because there is an ever-growing demand in this field. Growth is there in this field but the growth would always be less than that of a corporate banker.

You will not be always sent out to deal with the people, you may be handed a computer and would be asked to determine credit scores of various people the whole day. You must be very clear about what you want in your life. If you are happy doing such stuff then only you should go. Commercial banking training is a good career choice but sometimes you have to start from scratch and then depending upon your capabilities you will be promoted.

The sales culture can get aggressive at times. It is an era of competition so your job as a commercial banker may get complicated at times but if you keep up the good work you will get promoted and the hectic nature of your job will decrease as you go up. If you are not interested in hard-earned money, I suggest a commercial banker is not the job you are looking for. Commercial banks look for profits, so they will always try to increase their market share and you would also feel the pressure.

If you are good at accounting and statistics, you can choose this field. But I would repeat, ask yourself and decide what do you really need? There is a growth in loan amount in India, many people are preferring credit cards nowadays so there is an ever-growing demand in this field and if you are working for a trusted firm, I suppose the risks are less. But in this era of competition not much micro-firms get their feet moving and they just vanish.

Overall it is a satisfactory job but there are even better options out there. If you are strict and feel like you have perfect skills for a commercial banker, you can go for it. But if you are yet confused then I must say that go for a corporate banker instead. The salary and growth, both are more in corporate banking. But then again, it is a comparative analysis. I would say commercial banking is a satisfactory job but not an overwhelming one. Rest whatever I tell here, the wand is in your hands. Hope this helps.

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