Is Cloud Computing a Promising Career for the Future?

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Is Cloud Computing a Promising Career for the Future?

Cloud computing is a rapidly developing technology that allows users and businesses to store data and applications on a remote server. The term ‘cloud’ originally referred to computer networks that used remote servers but has now become synonymous with any service that uses the Internet for its delivery mechanism. 

Cloud computing has seen tremendous growth since its advent. In 2008, there were more than 6 million registered users worldwide. By 2013, this number grew to 20 million; by 2017, there were over 100 million active users worldwide.

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Now, it is a standard operational solution integrated by businesses to increase efficiency and save costs on most projects. As enterprises integrate this technology, building a career in cloud computing has become more promising.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing was developed by Amazon in 2006 using a combination of virtualization software and Amazon’s web services (AWS). Since then, several other companies have developed their cloud platforms and services—including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and others. However, despite these different platforms and services, they all share two common characteristics: 

  1. They provide services over the Internet at no cost 
  2. You can access any hosted software from anywhere simply with an internet connection

Due to this development, anyone interested in working in cloud computing has a plethora of options.

What is the future of cloud computing?

With the growing popularity and increasing demand, cloud computing jobs are expected to grow at 10% annually until 2025. This rate of this industry is faster than any other industry, including IT or engineering. 

As a career, cloud computing offers a wealth of opportunities and growth. These jobs are flexible and often work-from-home, allowing you to pursue a career in cloud computing regardless of where you stay as long as you have an internet connection. 

Furthermore, most projects are team-based, meaning that you can work on various types of projects with teams around the world. There are many potential career paths for professionals—you can work as a developer on one project or multiple projects at once, or you could find yourself in charge of designing the infrastructure for a company or helping in-house teams in other departments automate their work processes by using cloud computing solutions.

Many cloud computing jobs also offer flexibility in terms of working hours. You can maintain your schedule or even work part-time. This ensures the perfect work-life balance that works for you.

Finally, cloud computing offers excellent job security because it is still relatively new. Many industries like banking or insurance have just started integrating this technology, which has developed new job opportunities. 

However, despite these excellent advantages, there is one requirement that cloud computing professionals have to meet. Due to the rapid integration of this technology, there are many emerging trends like artificial intelligence (AI). Professionals in these fields have to keep up with these trends. However, the benefits outweigh these challenges: higher earning potential without having to relocate every few years and more freedom than most other careers allow.

Since these skills are transferable, you will be able to employ them in diverse fields and industries if you wish to change career paths. 

As cloud-based services continue to become more popular, there will be greater demand for skilled professionals who can help businesses run their operations from their data centers. However, this means that you need to upgrade your skills and keep up with trends to meet the demands of cloud computing.

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