Investment Banking is Not the Same in 2022

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Investment Banking is Not the Same in 2022

Despite the black cloud of the COVID variant Omicron and the prospect of a fourth wave, the year 2022 seems to be more exciting. Fresh opportunities were created as a result of the new normal produced by the pandemic. A spirit of resilience has been instilled in the ecosystem by different players, including the Government, RBI, and companies in certain industries. 

The year is opening up new business opportunities for investment bankers as a result of the constant turnaround and recovery of the impacted industries, as well as a higher growth trajectory. Investment banking enthusiasts must have a thorough knowledge of the prospects. The industry has huge opportunities and scope, and a well-structured certificate course to polish your investment banking skills can do wonders for your career graph.

Factors influencing investment banking

Digital Processes

The demand for digitization and online commerce spawned a new set of activities and technological applications in a variety of sectors of the economy. Health, pharmaceuticals, and education have developed as high-demand industries.


The administration also announced enabling policies and reforms to promote growth in a variety of areas. In the context of investment banking, all ecosystem sectors such as IPOs, mergers, and acquisitions, and private equity picked up steam and enjoyed unprecedented development.


The investment banking business experienced a considerable increase in activity with the reopening of global markets and the introduction of incentives by governments to alleviate the negative impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Offline activities

Most investment banks have resumed working from office space and meeting customers in person, albeit on a limited basis. Investment banks have begun to use hybrid conference/roadshow techniques as well as cutting-edge technologies to realign and restructure deal origination processes. The market's liquidity is projected to stimulate merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the next years.

Keeping all these factors in mind and in light of the dynamic nature of the investment and banking industry, a few trends can be identified that will prove to be game-changing in 2022.

Trends in investment banking

Optimizing growth using first-party data

You can start stressing on first-party data through different structured teams tackling different segments. Much of the key personnel sources fresh data on potential business opportunities. Keeping track of all these data to find a potential lead quickly becomes a task; you need a focussed approach.

Using social capital to discover fresh opportunities

Investment banks amass massive amounts of exclusive first-party information on connections, firm financials, industries of interest, deal multiples, estimated bid ranges, and other topics. You can use these data points to develop insights and influence top-line growth strategies through thorough analysis. 

Enhancing the role of technology

While some in the sector are wary of technology, it is undeniably useful in investment banking skills. Banking is expected to spend $ 219 billion on information technology this year, a $ 20 billion rise over 2017. Some of this money will go into security measures against both human and AI fraud, as well as digitalization and artificial intelligence to better safeguard customers. You need to be technologically aware to succeed here.

A workforce transformation

Technology will also influence how you operate in investment banking. The way automated teller machines helped employees to move away from transactional activities and into more analytical responsibilities, automation will continue to elevate employment into more management ones.

The road ahead

The worldwide investment banking industry has undergone phenomenal development and is projected to continue its dominance over the forecast period. Investment banking is a section of a financial institution that provides consultancy services to governments, businesses, and market institutions. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to be updated with investment banking skills and requirements.

Consider these options to fine-tune yourself:

Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional – Knowledge Partner Euronext

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IIM Calcutta Investment Banking and Capital Markets

The Executive Programme in Investment Banking and Capital Markets was created in conjunction with the esteemed IIM Calcutta. This thorough one-year program will teach you the fundamentals and advanced concepts of global capital markets and investment banking. You'll learn the fundamentals of mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity capital markets, portfolio management, sales and trading, and securities laws in this course geared for finance professionals with at least two years of experience. This IIM Calcutta executive program will assist you in achieving your objectives and establishing a successful career in the financial sector. 

Final Words

Imarticus Learning is a technology-driven training institute with vast expertise in transforming careers in finance, analytics and artificial intelligence, business analysis, and core technology. These certificates in investment banking have been chosen with your professional development in mind. The programs will assist you in achieving the peak of your desired career. We have locations around the country; come see us in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurgaon, or communicate with us via chat assistance.

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