Importance of ACCA Training for Accounting Professionals 

5 Advantages of ACCA Training for Accounting Professionals 

Understanding ACCA Training for Accounting Professionals

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, popularly known as ACCA is an accountancy certification with global recognition. You can attend ACCA training after graduating 12th standard. Or, you can opt to pursue an accounting degree before joining for ACCA training. In the latter case, you will be exempted from writing certain papers.

There are 13 ACCA papers in total. Professionals with ACCA course are hired in various job profiles like Internal Audit, Risk Advisory, Forensic Auditing, Statutory Audit etc. The salary range for an accounting professional with ACCA qualification varies from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs.

This article will discuss two topics- 'who are accounting professionals?' and 'what are the benefits of ACCA training?'

Who are accounting professionals?

Accounting professionals are individuals who perform a number of financial functions. This includes tasks like auditing, account analysis, financial statement analysis, financial planning, and making strategic decisions. They work at accounting firms or in the accounting and finance department of big organisations.

Accounting professionals make sure an organisation is ready for its upcoming tax season. Apart from that, these professionals also implement effective and efficient practices that will benefit your company finance system. Now that you have your answer to 'who are accounting professionals?', let's check out the benefits of ACCA training for accounting professionals.

What are the advantages of completing ACCA training for accounting professionals?

Opportunity to work in over 180+ countries

ACCA training for accounting professionals open doors to a number of job opportunities both in India and abroad. You can move to a number of countries with your qualification. This includes countries like the UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Germany and Canada where accounting professionals are in demand.

You can be employed in any firm across 180+ countries. Accounting professionals in big 4 companies, major banks and MNCs are recruited from the ACCA pool of talent.

ACCA is one of the most prestigious certifications in accounting and is globally recognised. Thus, you are not limited by your location. If you have plans to live abroad you can get a job almost anywhere with these credentials.

You can also explore career growth opportunities there. For that, you will not be asked to join a new institution in the country of your choice and attend fresh training. As you are already recognised as a qualified accounting professional, life will be easier there.

ACCA Certificate

Varied Career Opportunities

Your career scope will be tremendous after certification. You will be presented with a number of unique and flexible career choices to consider. You can offer your devices across a variety of accounting-related fields. Fund management, taxation, treasury service, etc. are a few popular fields.

You can work in a number of industries across various business sectors. You can also choose to freelance as an accountant or become a financial advisor. You can also start your own finance consulting business.

Developing life skills

ACCA training for accounting professionals teaches you the technical knowledge required to pursue a career in accounting and finance. Additionally, it also equips you with the soft skills to exercise that knowledge in the real world.

For instance, your technical skills can be enhanced further if you have the essential people skills. Learning how to effectively communicate figures, facts and ideas to other people is crucial here.

Through this course, you will develop a strong work ethic, and collaboration and problem-solving skills. The knowledge you possess is important. At the same time, how you implement that knowledge is equally crucial.

ACCA course will make sure that you turn out to be a well-rounded accounting professional. It prepares you to take on the challenges that you may encounter in the course of your career.

A high-demanding job

The demand for quality is always high. Organisations are always in the lookout for accounting and finance professionals who possess cutting-edge training. This is where your ACCA training will come to use.

The knowledge and skills you possess will give you an edge over your competition. It will ensure that you stand out. ACCA training for accounting professionals assures your ability to work in a global environment and quickly adapt to the company needs. Employers understand the value of ACCA certificates and prefer individuals who have completed ACCA training for accounting professionals.

Membership in a prestigious community

You get to be part of an elite group of 2,00,000 members. This comes with a lot of benefits that can be used to enhance your career.

The board offers free access to job openings from top organisations. They also update you with the latest accounting standards and provide new learning opportunities. You are also exposed to the latest trends across various financial fields. As the certification is valued by other academic institutions, you don't have to pursue another certification.

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