IIT Roorkee proves its expertise in digital marketing: Best courses 2023

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The digital marketing industry is predicted to grow by 17.6% between 2021 and 2026, reaching a valuation of USD 807 billion. This makes digital marketing a crucial skill. Several digital marketing courses offer placement, but IIT Roorkee's digital marketing certification course stands out. Read on to know Several digital marketing courses offer placement, but IIT Roorkee's digital marketing certification course stands out. Read on to know why! digital marketing.

Requirements Of Digital Marketing Courses

1. Data Analytics.

The course must train learners to use modern software.

It should elaborate on how the software works.

It helps students make sense of large data sets.

2. Create Content

The course helps students create the right content for the right audience. It also teaches them the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3. SEM and SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) knowledge are crucial for digital marketing.

These improve the content's reach.

4. CRM

Customer relationship management helps monitor customers to maximize their experiences.

Connecting with the consumers at a personal level enhances the chances for customer loyalty.

5. Communication Skills

Communication skills help to spread impactful messages, build relationships, and establish trust.

Develop the ability to articulate different perspectives for marketers to allow concise, clear, and interesting content that audiences find entertaining.

6. Social Media Skills

Use social media to convey a relevant message to the appropriate audience.

Maintain quality, relevance, and engagement for the audience to build contents that help business growth.

7. Basic Design Skills

·         Technical design knowledge allows higher SEO ranking, engagement, and conversion rate. Knowledge of digital tools with marketing strategies is used to enhance customer outreach.

8. Allied Skills

The courses should allow learning of SEO online digital marketing courses with placement.

What sets the IIT Roorkee digital marketing certification course apart?

With the knowledge of the essentials of a digital marketing course in 2022, we will discuss how the certificate course from Imarticus Learning and IIT Roorkee proves its expertise in the domain.

Graduates earn a certificate from the reputed IIT Roorkee. This will allow learners to upgrade their profiles and land their dream jobs.

The curriculum offers vast topics and skills required critical for digital marketers. It covers various topics, including digital marketing perspective, comprehending digital consumers, and strategy and planning.

Learners will be taught modules on content, email, mobile, and social media marketing. The course also includes a curriculum of influencer, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing.

The course covers tools and technologies relevant to digital marketers. These include Google Analytics, keyword planner, search console, and tag manager. Tools like Spyflu, Canva, and word press are among the key lessons.

IIT Roorkee digital marketing certification course provides expertise in digital marketing as it has an unparallel quality of instructors. We provide live sessions by faculties from IIT. Moreover, experts from the industry with impressive backgrounds offer hands-on experience through projects to learners.

Learning SEO online digital marketing course with placement has course effectiveness. The course has produced alums working at top firms such as Ogilvy, Dentsu, and DDB Mudra Group, among others. These placements define the efficacy of this IIT Roorkee digital marketing certification course.

The course is effective in providing real-world application of the modules learnt. The industrial projects in the course are intricate with case studies. They give a sneak into the digital marketing strategies of large brands. These include companies such as Cadbury, Hindustan Unilever, and Tata Motors. The comprehensive course allows learners to understand the process of streamlining marketing although digital marketing strategies.

The learners of the course get a campus immersion benefit. They can visit the IIT Roorkee campus and interact with their peers. The course-takers can gain an enriching experience of campus life.

Course Details for the Expert Certification

This digital marketing course with Imarticus is one of a kind. The IIT Roorkee digital marketing certification course helps learners meet their training needs. Over 4.5 months, it helps students learn SEO online digital marketing with placement. The course also allows them to interact with peers at IIT Roorkee and experience campus life. The course enables candidates to have extensive career support. The training is tailored to provide placement support to each candidate to ensure that they attain their unique career goals.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for career growth with personalized coaching, resume building, profile enhancement, and interview preparation, we at Imarticus learning offer you the same. Integrated learning enables learners in the MarTech sector to explore unlimited opportunities. We at Imarticus Learning aim to provide students with continued support as they explore their careers in the field of digital marketing.

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