IIT Machine Learning: Introduction To The Machine Learning World

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Machine Learning has been a buzzword in recent years, possibly due to the large quantity of data produced by applications, the rise in processing power, and the development of better algorithms.

Machine Learning is employed everywhere, from automating monotonous operations to providing sophisticated insights; companies in every area are attempting to capitalize on it. You could already be using a gadget that makes use of it. 

Introduction to the machine learning world

You may apply machine learning in prediction systems as well. Supervised learning, reinforcement learning, and unsupervised learning are the three categories of machine learning. The computer is given a set of training data together with the intended output and subsequently learns how to produce the desired output using the training data. This process is known as supervised learning. 

When the computer gets a collection of data but not the intended result, it must learn to recognize the structure in the data on its own through unsupervised learning. Reinforcement learning is where the computer gets a set of data and a reward function, and the computer has to learn to produce the desired output to maximize the reward.

Machine learning is a powerful tool that may apply to many tasks, including predictions, voice recognition, and face and facial expression detection. 

Application of Machine Learning

 Speech recognition is the procedure of converting spoken words into text. Speech dialing, call routing, and appliance control are all examples of voice user interfaces. You may also use it for simple data entering and structuring papers.

One of the popular uses of machine learning is image recognition. It recognizes items, people, places, digital photos, etc. Facebook has an auto friend tagging recommendation option. When we submit a picture with our Facebook friends, we instantly get a tagging recommendation with their names, powered by machine learning's face identification and recognition algorithm.

Machine learning techniques are currently widely employed in various voice recognition applications. Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa use speech recognition technologies to respond to spoken commands.

Machine learning is a subtype of AI that allows machines to learn from data, improve performance based on previous experiences, and make predictions. 

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