10 Skills that Every Manager Must Possess

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10 Skills that Every Manager Must Possess

The corporate world is rapidly evolving. Customers are becoming more demanding, and markets are always adjusting and adapting. Hence, managers in organisations are given a number of duties and responsibilities.

This is why organisations focus on leadership development programs and invest in corporate leadership training to assist managers to understand the basic skills they should display and why they need to have them.

10 Desirable Skills of Managers

1.     Effective Communication

The most crucial skill for managers to possess is effective communication. The rest of the abilities really won't matter until you can effectively communicate with the people you supervise.

The most frequent and important step in completing any form of management assignment is to express your thoughts, expectations and needs to others.

2.     Art of Negotiation

Every manager's job requires strong negotiation skills. By using your negotiation skills, you must be able to create win-win plans. Knowing when to stop negotiating is also important. You can learn how to negotiate, but don't forget to practice it constantly.

3.     Business Planning and Strategy

You probably need to strategize and then implement your plan, whether it is at the team, department, or division level. You must develop business skills that are effective and add value to your business.

There are many corporate management courses that managers can enrol in to learn about strategic planning, including the essential steps in the process.

4.     Creativity

Businesses respect managers who can think creatively and use techniques like design thinking, spontaneity, brainstorming, and experimentation to create strategies for solving challenges.

5.     Decision-making

Managers need to prioritise and make wise decisions. They should be able to appraise a situation, decide what to do, and act accordingly if they require more details to make a decision.

6.     Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

A manager must be able to prioritize building diverse teams and ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table as more organisations pursue diversity and inclusion efforts. Additionally, managers need to be self-aware and culturally aware enough to recognise where their teams are lacking.

7.     Capacity to Motivate Others

The ability to inspire and motivate others is cited as the quality deemed most vital for managers. Many workers depend on their supervisors to give them the encouragement and direction they need to consistently accomplish their best work and overcome obstacles.

According to Gallup, managers should engage their staff with a "compelling mission and vision" to encourage them to take action. For the success of a workplace, a manager's primary responsibility is obtaining employee buy-in for its objective.

8.     Time Management and Output

Project managers often have to cope with pressure from senior leadership, budgetary constraints, and stakeholder concerns in addition to project deadlines. Therefore, they must focus on time management and productivity, which will help their teams work more effectively.

9.     Self-awareness

While managers should evaluate the strengths and flaws of their staff, they also need to take a closer look at themselves. They should pay close attention to non-verbal signs because they can convey messages more effectively than words.

10. Problem-solving

Good problem-solving abilities entail being able to weigh all relevant factors with clarity and composure and then quickly decide based on the information at hand.


As a manager, you must ensure that you and your team are on track, producing the desired outcomes, and understanding your future goals. This includes setting the appropriate KPIs and acknowledging the team when they meet them. How prepared are you then? Do you possess all the fundamental skills required for your position as a manager? You can also choose to enrol at Imarticus to develop the necessary soft skills for a successful manager.

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